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10 Best Groomsmen Gifts for Cyclists

by Emma Arendoski

If you have groomsmen who are avid cyclists, you’ll love this post! Today we’re sharing groomsmen gifts for bicycle lovers so you can pick a perfect present.

When you’re picking out groomsmen gifts, the easiest way to choose just one → really think about his hobbies.

For instance…

-does he like craft beers (or not at all)?
-does he love to fish?
-does he enjoy a good cigar?
-does he like EVERYTHING outdoors?

A groomsman’s hobby is the easy way to answer the question of what to give as a gift.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Plus, you know if it’s something he enjoys, the gift will be enjoyed for years to come.

We have a new one to share today: bicycling! If your groomsman likes cycling, you’ll find the best groomsmen gifts for cyclists right here. (And these aren’t just for dudes; many of these gifts for cyclists are awesome for bridesmaids, too!)

These unique gift ideas for cyclists are impressive: they’re handmade, totally one-of-a-kind, and definitely a twist on the traditional groomsmen gifts you’ve seen before.

Which one is your favorite?

Groomsmen Gifts for Bicycle Lovers

1. Beer bicycle holder, $26.99

Made of premium leather and ready for taking on your next bike ride. Also, soon to be the envy of everyone at your campsite or in your biking crew. By DrinkSlings.com and on Etsy at DrinkSlings.

You can buy them here.

2. Bicycle top tube protector, $40.00

Bicyclists know it’s important to protect the top tube; this leather kit does it in style. By TheLeatherLoftNE.

customized wine glasses

via here

Buy yours here.

3. Bicycle medal holder, $25.80

This wood medal holder keeps medals from bike race wins! Great gift idea for competitive bicyclists. By PineTrailWoodworks.


Get it here.

4. Recycled bicycle chain turned bottle opener, $25.00

This rugged bottle opener is made from reclaimed bicycle chains and cogs. Yes, it really works! By Bicyclepartart.

via here

Buy yours here.

5. Bicycle print groomsmen dress socks, $9.99

Amazing idea for groomsmen who loving biking! By UniqueEver.

Buy here.

6. Bicycle tie clip, $18

Keep his tie in place and show off his favorite hobby of cycling. Win-win. By TesoroJewelry.

Buy yours here.

7. Stainless steel bicycle bottle opener, $32.00

Another awesome bottle opener design; this time in a fun bicycle cut-out made of stainless steel. By The Little Buffalo.

Buy yours here.

8. Bicycle chain cuff links, $39.60

Give him the ultimate dress-up accessory with a twist: cuff links made from the actual bicycle chain! By NiciLaskin.

Buy here.

9. Custom cyclist figurine, $21.45

The coolest figurine for a bicyclist’s desk! Custom-made just for him. By DeskTopPeloton.

Buy here.

10. Custom cycling jersey, $63+

And last but not least, give him a cool gift he’ll wear again and again: a custom cycling jersey! Andrew loves cycling jerseys and I’ve never thought about making a custom one; cool idea. By OkusoCustomGifts.


Buy here.

Cyclist Gifts

Love what you see here? Tell us about it in the comment box below!

Happy Planning!


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