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How to Address Wedding Invitations

by Emma Arendoski

Today we’re teaching you how to address wedding invitations with proper etiquette! But first, you’re on the list, right?!

Quick question: do you know how to address wedding invitations?

by redwood & vine

No? Neither did I, when I was planning my wedding.

As it turns out, no one really knows how to properly address wedding invites until you’re faced with having to do it, and turning to search engines is usually the first thing everyone does. :) The same applies to knowing exactly when to send out wedding invites, and you learn everything a little bit as you go.

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For addressing wedding invites, I quickly realized, hey! This isn’t so tough! So we’re bringing all the need-to-know tips to you right now.

Let’s get started!

How to Address Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations typically include two parts that require addressing: an outer envelope and an inner envelope. In addition, you’ll need to include your return address on the invitation, as indicated below.

The Outer Envelope

The outside envelope of your invitations should be formal, indicating titles and full names.

For instance, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jones

Underneath the names, you will include their full address, so it will read like this:

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jones
159 Maple Lane
Storybook, ME 04401

The Inner Envelope

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The inner envelope is more casual: the first names are all you need. No address here.

Example: Edward and Jessica

Return Address

Use a return address stamp on the upper right-hand corner of your outer envelope or back flap of your envelope.


via marianne gilliand catalog

via marianne gilliand catalog

Or you can get return addresses printed onto your envelopes (get them here):

by cardhunter

Going modern? You may even choose all-in-one wedding invitations that have everything in one convenient package, like these. The RSVP card then tears off and you mail it with a postcard stamp. So easy!

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Now, addressing wedding invitations goes one step further depending on whom is on the list.

Married Couple / Non-Married / Families

According to wedding etiquette, there are four different ways to address invitations: one way to a married couple, another to a couple non-married / living together, addressing wedding invitations to a family, and addressing invitations to a guest plus one.

Addressing to a Married Couple

The outer envelope:

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Smith
(plus their address)

On the inner envelope:

Alex and Drew

Addressing to a Non-Married Couple / Living Together

Instead of including the names on the same line, each name gets its own line.

Alex Smith
Drew Davis
(plus their address)

On the inner envelope: include “Mr/Mrs” in front of their names, on separate lines.

Mr. Smith
Miss Davis

Addressing Invitations to Families and Children

This one is important: if you include each name of the children, you’re making it clear they are invited. If children are not invited, omit their names, making it clear this is an adult-only event.

On the outer envelope:

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Smith
(plus their address)

On the inner envelope:

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Smith

Kyle, Jordan, and Kate

by lovelywowstudio

How to Address Wedding Invitations Plus One / With Guest

This is easier than you think: to address wedding invitations for a guest plus one, you simply write:


Mr. Alex Smith and Guest

This ensures they know they are able to include a plus one.

Helpful Tips:

• Can you hand address wedding invitations? YES! Actually, hand addressing your wedding invitations is preferred based on traditional etiquette. Use cursive, don’t print; if needed, have your wedding envelopes printed (some places offer this service for FREE with your invites) or hire a calligrapher

• If you need an awesome pen, I highly recommend an ULTRA-FINE point Sharpie marker. It does not smudge, bleed-through, and won’t smear. You can get a pack of them here.

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• The best thing to invest in? A return address stamp. It will save you tons of time and hand cramps. You can get them affordably + on sale at Zazzle here.

• Your RSVP envelope should be addressed to you and include a pre-applied postage stamp.

by rusticweddings

• If you choose a printable wedding invitation design, make sure you choose a great place to get them printed yourself. Here are places to get invitations printed yourself.

Are Address Labels OK for Wedding Invitations?

There are huge opinions on this topic of are address labels ok for addressing wedding invitations. Many vote no, saying that traditional etiquette dictates you should only hand-write or have addresses printed directly onto the envelope. However, others vote yes; truthfully, wedding address labels have come a long way in the past years and we’ve found some stylish options that we think would look OK if you need to use them.

You can get these printed at Bliss Wedding Paperie from Zazzle.

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For more tips, read: Wedding Invitation Etiquette from A to Z.

Want to save money? Browse: 9 Best Places for Cheap Wedding Invitations.

And that’s about it! If you have specific questions, you can comment below and we’ll swoop in to help.

Happy Planning!


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