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How to Wear Your Hair Down at Your Wedding

by Emma Arendoski

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Are you a bride who loves to wear her hair down and don’t see why you should have to wear it up for your wedding? Emma here and I totally hear ya.

Why would you want to wear your hair up when you don’t a) like the way it looks like that, or b) never wear it up, so wearing your hair down at your wedding feels way more comfortable and more your style?

To me, that makes complete sense. You do you! As the bride, you should choose everything you love and makes you feel like a princess.

Bride to be, Marissa, wrote us with the very same question in our recent Ask Emmaline inbox and we were eager to get it answered for her… and perhaps other brides wondering the very same thing. She writes,

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“Hi Emmaline, there are many up-do hairstyles but I don’t see many brides with wedding hairstyles down, paired with a veil or even a small bridal comb. Do you have any tips on wearing my hair down at my wedding? I want to wear my hair down but I’m worried it won’t look “bridal” enough. Any ideas?”

Great question, Marissa! And you’re definitely not the first bride to write us with this conundrum.

One of the BIGGEST questions we receive at least once or twice a month about veils and headpieces relates to wearing hair down at your wedding and how to get inspiration for wedding hairstyles down (or half-up, half-down).

Many brides have written with questions on do you have examples of hair down hairstyles, or what do you recommend I wear if wearing my hair down at my wedding? Even do I have to wear my hair up at my wedding?

Remember, you don’t have to do anything at your wedding that doesn’t suit your own personal style or taste. It’s always totally up to you!

With that being said, the reason why many brides wear their hair in an up-do is simply because it feels very formal and elegant, keeps it away from your face, and with a hundred bobby pins and hairspray, you know that hair isn’t budging an inch. :)

wedding hairstyles down

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also feel like the kick you-know-what bride you are, whether that means hair up or wearing your hair down at your wedding.

So, when/if you decide to pick wedding hairstyles down or half-up and down, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind.

How to Wear Hair Down at Wedding

Here we’ll outline some important notes about wearing your hair down for your wedding, along with inspiration from designer Tessa Kim. She knows that some brides love up-dos, while others love to wedding hair down styles, so she offers accessories that look great in both.

VENDOR CREDIT: all gorgeous hair accessories shown in this feature at by the amazing TessaKim
PHOTO CREDIT: all beautiful images in this post are by the lovely Deyla Huss

customized wine glasses

In this post, we’ll share some of her accessory pieces to inspire you and prove just how gorgeous they all look on hair down styles for weddings.

wedding hairstyles down

1. When wearing hair down at a wedding, add a veil or accessory.

Some brides feel a hair down style at their wedding might look unfinished or informal without a veil or accessory. I think having one or the other is a great idea.

2. Do a trial run before the big day.

As with any hairstyle, whether an up-do or hair down hairstyle, you need / want to do a practice run with your hairstylist before the big day.


One great way to do a practice run is to schedule it in for the afternoon before your bachelorette party, or the morning of your bridal shower. This is a great way to make sure the style they do for you is exactly what you’d like to do for the big day.

If it doesn’t come out the way you like, guess what? It’s just a trial run, so no biggie! You can make changes in time for the big day and give it another try.

If you do a practice run for hair, I recommend also doing the same for makeup (and most of the time, your hair and makeup is being done by the same artist or at the same salon, so that’s always helpful to get done at the same time). And you’ll want to bring any hair accessories you plan to wear the day of your wedding, to be sure it looks exactly how you envision.

For instance, if you’re wearing a tiara like this, you’ll want to bring it along to include it in your hairstyle so there are no surprises when getting ready the day of the wedding.

wedding hair down styles

by tessa kim

wedding hair down styles

by tessa kim

wedding hair down styles

Of course, if you are wearing a very long or intricate veil, use a cheap version like this instead just for the trial run. There’s no sense in getting the actual veil all wrinkled before the big day. :)

3. Use lots and lots of styling product to keep it in place.

You want to make sure the style holds in place all day long. Any great hairstylist already knows this, but I wanted to include it anyway. You may need to prepare for windy outdoor conditions, too, just in case.

And in case you’re wondering, this is probably the best hairspray you can use and it’s amazing at holding your hair in place.

via here

via here

Wedding Hairstyles Down

Now that you know some helpful wedding hair down style tips, let’s see some examples of what to wear in your hair if wearing it down.


via here

Rose Gold Chiffon Hair Flower

via here

via here

Blue Quartz Hair Clip

Something blue… and perfect for wearing with a hair down wedding hairstyle.

via here

via here

Rose Gold Floral Comb

Another rose gold favorite!

via here

These are just a few of the amazing accessories you can find at Tessa Kim. Wait until you see the veils, veil alternatives, and her incredible collection of robes and rompers. Tessa is amazing!

Are you wearing a wedding hair down style?

Why or why not? Tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Planning!



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