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Bridesmaid Attire for Getting Ready (Plus, Rehearsal + Wedding!)

by Emma Arendoski

Need fresh inspo and ideas on the topic of bridesmaid attire for getting ready? How about bridesmaid attire for rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, and the wedding day itself? We’ve got you covered! See our bridesmaid attire checklist below + sign up for the newsletter for the latest to your inbox. It’s fun + free!

What do your bridesmaids need to wear on the wedding day, at the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower, and while getting ready? That sounds like a lot of outfit changes, but it really isn’t that tough when you have a bridesmaid attire checklist. And that’s where we come in!

From bridesmaid attire for getting ready to the wedding day itself, we have the guide you need to ensure everyone is wearing exactly what they need for the big wedding day events. Enjoy!

Bridesmaid Attire for Getting Ready / Wedding / Rehearsal Dinner

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

What should bridesmaids wear to get ready?

They can wear anything from robes to pajamas, button-down pj shirts to bridesmaid hoodies and sweatpants. Rompers, too!

Bridesmaid attire for getting ready should be:

‣ comfortable
‣ fun
‣ be able to lift over their head without messing up hair and makeup OR be removed from the waist down before getting dressed

Bridesmaid attire for getting ready should NOT be:

‣ uncomfortable
‣ too revealing

What Bridesmaids Wear To Get Ready

What do bridesmaids wear when getting ready? These are the bridesmaid attire ideas that are currently in style and trending.

Bridesmaid Robe

Yes, bridesmaid robes are still definitely in style. The first robes that came into existence a few years ago for the bridal party were very short, very ill-fitting, and quite annoying for some (trying to keep that short satin belt tied and feel covered enough for photos, hello!) But today, the art of the robe has been perfected in a major way. Thanks, companies who listened to the gripes of bridal party-goers! :)

More and more, brides are giving bridesmaid attire for getting ready as a part of their wedding day gifts, presented on the morning of the wedding or the night before at the rehearsal dinner. The bridal party can lounge and get ready together in matching bridesmaid attire, which makes for a memorable occasion and, of course, fun photo ops.

The bridesmaid attire for getting ready that WORKS includes:

Bridesmaid Robes That Are Flattering

We recommend choosing bridesmaid attire that has a solid or floral print for versatility; if you’d like, you can get bridesmaid, maid of honor, or her name on the back or front as a fun personalized option.

Also, pajamas should be covered (there will likely be a photographer present, so make it a comfortable fit for everyone) and think pajama set vs. chemise or silk slip.

Bridesmaid attire for getting ready that will get worn again probably DOESN’T say bridesmaid on it, just fyi. :)

These floral robes make great bridesmaid attire for getting ready. You can find these modern, totally comfy and flattering fits over at PlumPrettySugar where we spotted these.

These are also beautiful robes to try in satin with lace hems or floral prints by BlossomSyrup.

buy here

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Love these robes with names on the back! By ShopatBash.

buy here

These are adorable with bridesmaid or maid of honor on the back. Don’t forget a bride robe for you! By APKBridesmaidGifts.

buy here

Or these with a monogram and the bridesmaid’s name on the back by GentleSateen:

buy here

And last but not least, I love these chunky lace hem robes! The colors are so pretty! By HundredHearts.

buy here

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Bridesmaid Pajamas

Pajama sets for bridesmaids are a fun alternative to robes, and great for groups you think would prefer shorts or pants and long or short sleeve tops. You can get many different colors and styles from BlossomSyrup, which are wildly popular and they’re currently on sale, always a plus. :)

buy here

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You’ll also love these by TheFancyPigeon:

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You can shop rompers, which make a great bridesmaid attire for getting ready if that’s your style! They’re an all-in-one outfit that is great for lounging.

We love these floral rompers for bridesmaids. They’re gorgeous! By KlsdBride.

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Or you can get silk rompers here. They’re so pretty!

Bridesmaid Sleep Shirts

Now, this is a fun alternative, too: bridesmaid button-down sleep shirts made of super-soft material and personalized with her name on the pocket. Adorable! Pair these with the face masks and leggings as shown for a complete bridesmaid attire for getting ready gift set. :) By ModParty.

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Now that you know what to wear on the morning of the wedding with your pals, let’s talk about the bridesmaid attire for rehearsal dinner. This is a question we field quite often, and it’s easy — really!

Bridesmaid Attire for Rehearsal Dinner

What is the best bridesmaid attire for rehearsal dinner (informal or formal)? Great question.

Bridesmaids do not need to dress up excessively for the rehearsal dinner or wear their bridesmaids dress to it.

Instead, the best bridesmaid attire for rehearsal dinner get-togethers include:


The dress should be casual or more formal depending on the location of the rehearsal dinner. For instance, bridesmaids should dress in attire that is casual for an I Do BBQ style rehearsal dinner, held outdoors, or for a party held at one’s home. The attire shouldn’t be jeans, though: stay in a position of honor by wearing a casual dress, like a sundress or a skirt with a blouse. A jumpsuit works perfectly for this situation, too.

Why should bridesmaid attire for rehearsal dinner include a dress? This is because a bridesmaid is still a person of honor at the rehearsal dinner and will be participating in the rehearsal, whether at a place of worship, hall, event venue, or outdoors. She will be announced to the guests as one of the bridesmaids, so wearing something with a dress is proper etiquette.

Maxi dresses are a great go-between for casual vs. formal wear. To shop maxi dresses in great prices, try this shop. I want practically everything!


A jumpsuit can be more dressy or casual, depending on its material and the accessories you add to it. A jumpsuit is one of the most popular bridesmaid attire for rehearsal dinner options, especially in the summer.

Personally, for shopping online to get bridesmaid attire for rehearsal sinner or bridal shower dresses and outfits, a great place to shop is Lulus. They offer cute, stylish dresses, tops, skirts, casual dresses, more formal dresses, jumpsuits — pretty much anything that falls under the bridesmaid attire for rehearsal dinner or bridal shower list.

There are new styles added and the collection is changing all the time! Shop here for the latest styles in time for summer!

Bridesmaid Attire for Bridal Shower

Bridesmaid attire for bridal shower follows the same guidelines as the rehearsal dinner, above. Everyone should dress up, but err on the side of formality depending on the location and tone or theme of the event.

Maxi dresses, jumpsuits, sundresses, skirts, and blouses, or pantsuits, all work great as bridesmaid attire.

Shop these stores for inspiration:

Salty Crush

I’m obsessing over their sundresses and outfits right now, tbh. Check it out here. Shipping is quick and I have a few dresses myself, so I can say first-hand that the quality is amazing! :) Their maxi dress from here is one of my favorites!


Salty Crush


Bridesmaid Attire for Wedding

If you’re wondering about a bridesmaid attire checklist for the wedding, we’ve got you covered!

Here is exactly what bridesmaids need for attire on the wedding day.

Bridesmaid Dress

A bridesmaid dress is one thing every bridesmaid attire checklist needs! But when we say dress, that also includes a pantsuit or jumpsuit, if that’s more your style. Follow the same guidelines below whether you choose a dress, pantsuit, or jumpsuit as bridesmaid attire for wedding day wear.

There are three easy ways to chose bridesmaid attire for wedding day wear:

Coordinate Everyone

The bridesmaid dress can be coordinated across the board, with bridesmaids all wearing the same dress, same color, and same fit.

via david’s bridal

Mix-and-Match Silhouettes

Pick one color, but ask bridesmaids to choose a dress based on their favorite fit or silhouette.

by david’s bridal

Mismatch Dresses

Choose colors within the same color family (i.e. jewel tones as shown below, pretty pastels, etc.) and have bridesmaids wear a dress in that color and in their favorite fit. We recommend the lengths are the same for cohesion in photographs (all midi, all floor-length, all knee-length, etc.)

by david’s bridal

Convertible Dresses

If you love a maxi dress with a convertible top — bridesmaids can wear them any way they like! — we recommend RadiantRooster. They have TONS OF COLORS and rave reviews. Plus, you honestly cannot beat the price — under $80 each.

buy here

You can shop bridesmaid dresses and see how they all look in a grouping at these retailers:

David’s Bridal




The dress? Check.

Now here’s the rest of the bridesmaid attire checklist for the wedding.


Whether bridesmaids wear flat shoes or heels, they’ll need a pair of shoes that goes great with the dress.

We did a huge post on bridesmaid flats here with helpful tips.

Also, read: Do Bridesmaid Shoes Have to Match? for helpful tips on bridesmaid attire related to shoes.


In cooler months, you may want to add pashminas or bridesmaid scarves to the list of bridesmaid attire for wedding day wear. We recommend pashminas from MiaKraftsShop as one resource. The color selection is amazing and the price is perfect.

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You’ll also need to pick out bridesmaid bouquets, along with perhaps bridesmaid clutch purses, if that’s your thing. But for bridesmaid attire for wedding day-of needs, it pretty much comes down to the dress and the shoes! That’s it!

We hope this helps as you choose bridesmaid attire for getting ready, rehearsal dinner, and bridal shower needs, along with the wedding day itself. It’s not so complicated when you have a convenient list to follow. :)

Do you have any questions about bridesmaid attire? Tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Planning!


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