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How to Customize Tote Bag Wedding Favors

by EmmalineBride

Hey, loves! We’re teaming up with Tote Bag Factory to share some tips on how to customize your tote bag wedding favors. Jenny tells us how to customize your tote bags and how they can make great wedding favors, groomsmen gifts, or bridesmaid gift ideas. Take it away!

How to Customize Tote Bag Wedding Favors

By Jenny Clint

Your wedding is a moment of celebration, of joy, and of love. Since you are the most important person, you can make the reception just the way you like it. Another great thing is that the bride and the groom get to know their tastes even better. Selecting the venue, trying on the dress, choosing the perfect menu and the perfect wedding favors are usually the most important parts of the planning.

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Because it is your party and you want it to be perfect, you might want to get creative with the favor bags. Tote Bag Factory is a great website where you can find different tote bags models and drawstring backpacks that you can customize the way you like it. In this article, we are going to give you some ideas of how to customize the tote bags that you purchased for your wedding favors.

For Guests

In order to show your guests that you put a lot of effort into the wedding favors, personalizing the bags is a great idea. Since these bags are for all of your guests, you want to pick something they will all like. You can choose different tote bag colors for men and for women, an you can print the same message or the date of the wedding and your names on the bag.
For men, you can pick more masculine colors like dark blue and dark green and for women choose pastel colors like beige, and light green. You can also select the bags to match the theme colors of your wedding. Once you selected the color, pick a text for the totes. Don’t be afraid to get creative. After all, it is your wedding.

A common selection is the name of the bride and the groom and the date of the wedding. For a more interesting content, you can add “All you need is Love” and your initials. Other lovely ideas for the text are “Join us in our journey” and “Live, Love, Get Married” followed by the date of the wedding. You can also make a special bag for your parents.

For Bridesmaids

After they helped you with planning your wedding, the bridesmaids need a special reminder that you are grateful for everything they’ve done. This is why you might want to give them unique favor bags. It’s up to you to decide if you want to give a personalized bag for every one of them or to offer all of them the same thing.

No matter what you choose, you can pick a different color from the bags that you give to all of your guests. For instance, you can select the same color as the dresses they wore for the reception. A light pink, blue or green is great for these bags.

After choosing the color, pick a snappy and lovely text for the bags. Some of the most common selections include “Bride Team” and “Best Bridesmaids”. You can also pick a text like “You are Next” or “We tried to stop her, Signed, the Bridesmaids”.

For Groomsmen

customized wine glasses

You might want to customize different tote bags for your groomsmen. After all, they helped your husband and they deserve a reminder that both of you are recognizing their efforts. Match their bags with the ones of the bridesmaids. So, if you pick a light green for the bridesmaids, make sure to select a dark green for the groomsmen.
The writing on the tote can also match the writing on the bridesmaids’ totes. For instance, if you select “Bride Team” for them, you can pick “Groom Team” for the men. If you got creative with the girls, make your groom pick a creative text that his groomsmen will like.

For the Newlywed Couple


After you customize all of the bags and you see them, you might want to get one for you and one for your groom. Pick your favorite colors and go wild with the writing since you are the one that is going to use it after. You can pick the classic “Bride”/ “Groom” text or you can select a more interesting text.
For your bag you can pick a text like “Sweating for the wedding” or “Sorry guys, I’m married”. Your groom more likely will pick the classic “Game Over” Text and the funny drawing that can be found on T-shirts too. This is one of the best suggestions that might help you customize the best wedding favor bags.

You and your groom are the ones that decide the color, the text, and the content of the bag. Tote bags are ideal as wedding favors because they are eco-friendly, durable, and budget-friendly. They can be personalized and the best thing is that they can be reused by your guests, so you should definitely take them into consideration.

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