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52 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $25

by Emma Arendoski

Are you looking for Valentine’s gifts under 25 dollars? Sure thing! We’re here to make sure your Valentine is happy this year with one of these unique, hand-picked gifts. Subscribe for the latest to your inbox!

The countdown is on! It’s T minus 10 days until Valentine’s Day. If you didn’t score the perfect gift for your sweetheart or you’re still wondering what to get someone for Valentine’s Day, the time is now. We’re sharing the best last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts under $25 you can (hopefully!) get in time to make someone smile.

Oh, and yeah: these aren’t your typical roses and chocolates.

That’s been done over and over again.

These unique, affordable gifts are great for last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers. Um, procrastinators. :) I hear ya! I didn’t get Andrew’s gift yet but I’m working on it, so you’re not alone! And these are affordable gift options since we’ve limited this list to Valentine’s gifts under $25.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

With so many great gift ideas on the web, it’s no wonder you can wait a little while and still score cute, creative, and fun Valentine’s Day gifts for anyone you’d like to surprise this year.

Let’s get started!

Valentine’s Gifts Under 25 Dollars

Love Houses, $24

These charming love houses make one of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts under $25. They’re handmade with love by SkyeArt.

by skyeart

Ceramic Earrings, $20

Want/need! These are darling! By CeramaeStudios.

by ceramaestudios

Tiny Heart Necklace, $17.95

This is the most charming heart necklace I’ve seen! By DevinMichaels.

by devin michaels

Love You Candle, $10

A love you candle with the cutest label will make your sweetheart smile. Choose from a ton of scents; all hand-poured and handmade. See it here.

Man Hands Scrub, $17.99+

Great exfoliator for this dry winter season! Different sizes and types from here.

Unique Engraved Coffee Mug, $25

This cool mug is unlike any we’ve seen. It’s engraved, which adds a unique touch; see examples here.

Saber Keychain, $14+

Feel the love, he will. By PersonalBlessings.

by here

Teas in a Luxury Gift Box, $23.99

A great gift for anyone who loves a nice cuppa. See the varieties here.

Two State Art Print, $20

A cute last minute Valentine’s Day gifts under $25 — and perfect for long-distance couples. By Canary Road.

by canary road

Reasons Why I Love You, $10

A cute, handmade book that gives you space to write all the reasons why you love him or her. The perfect size; perfect for sentimental Valentines. Get yours here.

Love Pill Jar with Notes, $13.99

These love pill capsules with notes are a huge hit this Valentine’s Day for him or her. It’s part made, part DIY: order the love capsule jar, filled with capsules that open to reveal a note. You will write a small love letter on each note, then put them back in the capsules. When you’ve written them all out, they’re ready to give. Fun idea! Plus, it ships fast and free (with Prime, get a free 30-day trial here if you don’t have it). How’s that for a creative last-minute Valentine’s Day gift?!

by infmetry

Cheesy Cards, $4+

Nothing wrong with sending just a cheesy card for your Valentine! These are the ultimate in cheesy card goodness.

White Stone Necklace, $21.39+

A beautiful, one-of-a-kind white stone necklace for your Valentine. By Susabellas.

by susabellas

Hot Cocoa Bombs, $9

People love these festive Valentine’s Day hot cocoa bombs! Get inspired here.

Personalized Pull Token Gift, $14.25

These unique Valentine’s Day gifts under $25 are unlike anything we’ve seen. It is a gift box that opens up to reveal a puzzle piece. See it in action here.

Wood Keychain, $15.99

This gift is by MUUJEE.

by muujee

Love You Spoon, $11.41

Ice cream and coffee taste better with a custom, hand-stamped spoon! Fact. :) By TwinkleJewellery.

by twinklejewellery

Valentine’s Day Macarons, Dozen for $24.90

These delightful pink, red, and white macarons are a sweet treat anyone would love! Get a batch whipped up and shipped at DeliciousByAimee.

Personalized Ring Dish, $15+

LOVE this. This is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts under $25 for her. By ThePaintedPress.

by thepaintedpress

Turn Someone Into a Cartoon Character, $10.20+

For under $11, you can turn someone into a hilarious and fun popular cartoon character from a show about a guy who works at a nuclear power plant and has three kids — oh, and a wife with blue hair. I think that gave it away. These portraits are awesome and so fun, you must see them here. Inexpensive and one-of-a-kind!

Spice Jar, $9

These spice jars are under ten dollars each and you could create a combination for a perfect Valentine’s Day gifts under 25 dollars. Shop them at CalicuttsSpiceCo.

by calicutts spice co.

I Cerealsly Love You Bowl, $11.95

I would so use this thing every single morning. What’s in my bowl, you ask? There’s a good chance it is Lucky Charms, but could also be Raisin Bran. It’s good for ya, ya know. My kids always tease me but it’s healthy! ;) By SparkaLEEcreations.

by sparkaleecreations

Song Wall Art, $12.95

People are going crazy over this custom wall art, and I can see why: your favorite song lyrics, printed and framed! It’s a DIY gift he or she will cry ugly tears over. :) Put “your” song lyrics or your wedding song. Get a glimpse of an example here.

NOTE: It’s a digital download / print file, so it is perfect as last minute Valentine’s Day gifts under $25. Don’t forget to frame it!

Pinky Promise Bracelets, $12.22

A cute, simple, yet personalized gift for Valentine’s Day. By AbosuikaShop.

by abosuika shop

Spa Gift Box, $17.55+

You can build-a-box thanks to NaturalSucculents and send it to your Valentine for delivery. I would love one of these; I adore spa-themed gifts. Doesn’t everyone need pampering every now and again? The candle looks like a nice size, too!

by natural succulents

Also loving this spa gift set for $19.99+. I’m all about that natural cloth and the lavender soap!

Red Handmade Crochet Scarf, $25

Baby, it’s still cold outside. This scarf will keep your Valentine cozy. Get yours here.

Valentine’s Day Tea Towel, $10

Only ten bucks and FREE shipping! This is a darling tea towel to hang up in the kitchen. By GiftShopBoutique.

by giftshopboutique

Manly Leather Bracelet, $17.50+

Give him a masculine leather bracelet with custom coordinates on it. Wildly popular and highly-rated. By MignonandMignon.

Personalized Wood Guitar Pick / Box, $9.50+

Great Valentine’s Day gifts under $25 for musicians! By UsefulBeautiful.

by usefulbeautiful

Custom Lighter, $14.30+

This is one my own wishlist for Andrew. Such a cool looking lighter! Check out multiple styles here.

Gemstone Bracelet, $23.05+

A stylish gemstone in her birthstone. Stunning! On sale for a limited time. By BenyDesign.

by benydesign

Pocket Knife with Engraving, $13.99

Outdoorsy? He’ll love your custom message (whether flirty or hilarious) printed on a pocket knife like this one.

Love You More Candle, $12+

The end, I win! Fun idea and there are even special Valentine’s Day scents available for a limited time. By AtoZCandles.

by atozcandles

Personalized Wallet, $20.95+

Can you get a wallet for him as a Valentine’s Day gift under $25? Sure thing… and you can also get it personalized, get FREE shipping, and have it look this good. True story. By FlowertownWeddings.

by flowertownweddings

Crescent Moon Necklace, $15.99+

This is a necklace I’ve been eyeing for a while now. I can’t believe it’s listed under $16 for a limited time (it’s on sale!) Handmade by MignonandMignon.

by mignonandmignon

Gift Card, $25

Let him or her spoil themselves on something they’ve been ‘adding to cart’ all season. Etsy gift cards make great gifts in increments starting at $25. You can browse them here. They’re great last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts they’ll love using to shop.

Dainty Chain Necklace, $25

Ooh, this is a lovely and simple necklace she can wear every day. It makes a great last minute Valentine’s Day gift that doesn’t look last-minute at all. By AvaHopeDesigns.

by ava hope designs

Initial Heart Pin, $12

These darling pins feature your Valentine’s initial. These are so cute! See them here.

Hook, Line, and Sinker, $16.95+

If he loves to fish, there’s nothing more he’d love to use as a fishing lure than this personalized lure from you. Cute gift idea!

You’re My Favorite Keychain, $18

Love the way this hammered-edge keychain looks! A truly one-of-a-kind gift idea. By AncyPants.

by ancypants

I Love You and I Like You Picture Frame, $24.50+

Cute picture frame for your Valentine! Available here.

Personalized Boxers, $18.75+

These boxers make a great last minute Valentine’s Day gift under $25. By Up2OurNecksInFabric.

by up2ournecksinfabric

Engraved Pilsner Mug, $10.50

Amazing price for a quality personalized mug! See them at UrbanFarmhouseTampa.

Acrylic Name Keychain, $20

I’ve always wanted one of these and I just might finally make the plunge! But I love all the colors… hmm, decisions, decisions! See them here. By JillMakes.

by jillmakes

Forever and Always Mug, $19.99

This mug has a heartfelt saying along with a custom illustration of you as a couple on the opposite side. Get it here.

Choker Necklace, $12

These choker necklaces are back in style and we like the one’s being crafted up at SpacemanCalifornia, especially this one.

Railroad Spike Bottle Opener, $19.99

Sure, he has a bottle opener. But he definitely doesn’t have a bottle opener made from a RAILROAD spike. Very cool tool, see it here.

Drive Safe Handsome, $9.62

A sweet keychain like this makes an easy Valentine’s day gift under $25. Well, under $10 even! By LParkin.

by lparkin

Secret Message Mug, $22.83+

There’s a secret hidden message at the bottom of this mug! Unique idea.

Get Organized, $24.50

This wildly popular weekly planner is open-dated, so you can start it whenever you’d like. Great for keeping your you-know-what together all year long, or helping someone to get organized. Get it here. The cover is gorgeous!

Beard Oil, $12

If he has a beard, give him the gift of a softening, naturally good-smelling beard oil like this by MuddyMint.

by muddymint

Custom Couple Portrait, $21.40+

Get a favorite photo of you and your Valentine turned into a cute illustration! See examples here for instant, frame-worthy wall art.

Initial Cufflinks, $21.59+

These are a classic choice! Great gift all year long. By Susabellas.

by susabellas

Love You More Pillow, $15.50

A sweet little throw pillow with your favorite sentiments.

Leather Keychain, $5+

Customized! By Tamedus.

by tamedus

We hope you enjoyed these last minute Valentine’s Day gifts under 25 dollars! Hurry, though, you’ll want to get ’em shipped ASAP to make it in time for Cupid’s arrow. :)


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