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Where to Put Bridal Handkerchief at Wedding

by Emma Arendoski

Wondering where to put bridal handkerchief during your wedding? Bride-to-be, Steph, sent us the following Ask Emmaline question:

Hi Emmaline! My maid of honor bought me a bridal hanky for my wedding but I’m not sure where to put it. Does the handkerchief go in my purse? Does she hold it? Thanks!

Hi, Steph! Great question. Where to put your bridal handkerchief is pretty easy: wrap it around your bouquet handle, attached with a dress pin. This is the quickest way to have access to the handkerchief during the ceremony; your maid of honor can get it for you if or when needed. As an alternative, you can place it inside your clutch purse, but you won’t be able to get to it as quickly during the ceremony. If you prefer, your maid of honor could also wrap it around her bouquet or put it in her pocket (if she’s lucky enough to have pockets on her bridesmaid dress, which are pretty much the best thing ever).

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

This bridal handkerchief (spotted at Southern Ever After) is one example of a bridal handkerchief done right. It looks absolutely beautiful wrapped around a bouquet handle! As an added bonus, this handkerchief is monogrammed in blue embroidery thread, so it’s a seamless “something blue” for your wedding ceremony.

Where to Put Bridal Handkerchief During Wedding? - Ask Emmaline

by southern ever after

Prefer it in gold? This one is lovely, too!

Where to Put Bridal Handkerchief During Wedding? - Ask Emmaline

by southern ever after

by southern ever after

You can find out more about these monogrammed bridal handkerchiefs here.

I hope this helps! Write back with more questions if you have them, or leave a question in the comments below.

Happy Planning!


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