How to Cut Wine Bottles for Candle Holders

Have you ever wondered how to cut wine bottles to re-purpose as candle holders? Today you’ll learn how to put old wine bottles to good use as re-usable candle holders. We love when wedding centerpieces make a statement (remember the cascading hydrangea table runner?) and these candles are no exception! They can be grouped together on tables for a romantic glow or placed along a path for a soft, ethereal light. After your wedding day, they can be reused on your patio while entertaining or in your love nest during a romantic dinner.

Read on for info on the candle holder tutorial, find out where to order handmade holders and learn an alternate idea you can do in less than a minute. Enjoy!

how to cut wine bottleshow to cut wine bottles

images above via the good life

How to Cut Wine Bottles

Our favorite tutorial is via this real bride‘s step-by-step instruction via Weddingbee. She was inspired by the picture on the left; her recreation is shown on the right.

how to cut wine bottles

We think she did a beautiful job! The best part? Her wedding scheme is gold and green and she was able to incorporate the colors into her wine bottle holders. The bonus? She worked on it with her fiancee, a great DIY idea for date night.

To make them, she gathered old bottles donated by family and friends and removed the labels. To remove the labels, just use water, razor blades and goo gone to remove the sticky residue. She mentions to have a few extra bottles just in case, as a few of hers cracked or split while she was making them. After the labels were removed, she cut the bottles herself with instructions from this terrific video by Dan Rojas entitled how to cut wine bottles in 30 seconds. Then, she cut the bottoms with a cutting tool and boiling water. She does a terrific job explaining the entire how-to, so find out the full tutorial here. Tip: She makes an important note about safety: once the candle is burning, the top of the bottle will get extremely hot. So, please don’t touch + be sure to keep away from children and pets.

Buy Handmade Candle Holders

Now, if learning how to cut wine bottles yourself isn’t your cup of… er, wine, we recommend buying handmade! We found some of the most amazing wine bottle candle holders via The Good Life which we displayed in the first two images of this post. Here are a few more favorites from the very same shop:

how to cut wine bottleshow to cut wine bottleshow to cut wine bottles

Wine Bottle Candle Holders in Less Than A Minute

Turn any wine bottle into an oil lamp with this glass candle insert by National Artcraft via Amazon. (Emmaline Bride is an affiliate of Amazon, but you can buy it wherever you’d like!) Just add oil to the insert, place into the top of a wine bottle and light the wick. Now you have a beautiful wine bottle candle in less than a minute!

Wine Bottle Guest Book

And, if you’re incorporating a wine theme throughout your entire wedding, consider this amazing wine bottle guest book idea via EVCreations via The Marketplace! Guests write their names onto a wine bottle to be opened at your one year, five year and ten year anniversaries. We LOVE this idea!

wine bottle guest book

We hope you enjoyed these wine bottle ideas today. If you decide to DIY, please send us pictures! We’d love to see your work and possibly feature in an upcoming follow-up post. Thanks!

Happy Planning!


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  • Kristen

    I had my fiance cut the bottoms off wine bottles for wedding centerpieces, however the bottles get pretty hot even using little tea lights. I’m wondering if there are certain candles that may give off less heat than others? Any suggestions?

  • Emma | Emmaline Bride

    Do they seem to go out on you right away, or after awhile? What kind of candle are you using? A long-burning candle might work best.

  • Shay

    I need to be find something to do with these- this is such a cool technique!

    • EmmalineBride

      Hi Shay!
      Glad you like them. I hope to make or buy some for my patio! I read somewhere that you can cut them to different heights for a different effect. Good luck!

  • naoise

    Never seen this done before. Super idea

    • EmmalineBride

      Thanks, Naoise! I had heard of people cutting beer bottles to make drinking glasses but never of the wine bottle candle holder idea. It is such a pretty effect for outdoor weddings. Thanks for stopping by!


  • Alexandra {Heart Love Weddings}

    Such great ideas! Easy and pretty is right up my alley!

    • EmmalineBride

      Me too, Alexandra… me too! :)

  • Judi Painted it

    YES, YES, YES!!!!!! You read my mind!!!! I was at a festival the other day and wanted to purchase something like this. Now I know how to do it considering I drink wine every day and keep the bottles…. dont ask why.

    THANK YOU!!!!!


    • EmmalineBride


      Meant to be! Share your photos with us… we would love to see how it turns out!


  • Sarah {A Paper Proposal}

    I just LOVE this idea. It’s so versatile – for weddings, holiday parties, or just to have around the house in the Fall. LOVE!

    • EmmalineBride

      Thanks, Sarah! Endless possibilities with this one! :) And, who doesn’t love reusable decor?


  • Kristen

    I love the tutorials! I might take a swing at cutting my own wine bottles! They add such a romantic touch to any event. Thanks for sharing!

    • EmmalineBride

      Good luck! Let us know how it goes!


  • Alicia @CharityWedding

    I LOVE this! I definitely want to make some for my patio!

    • EmmalineBride

      Me too! Perfect for all seasons, too. Thanks for stopping by, Alicia!


  • Erika {Borrowed&Bleu}

    These are all such pretty examples! I’ve actually made little votives from cut wine bottles, but the larger candle holders are gorgeous!

    • EmmalineBride


      Small votives sounds like a cute idea, too!


  • Amma // Beyond Beyond

    I love the effect this is such a lovely decor idea! Gawjuss! ;) I’m going to give the video my full and undivided attention now…

    • EmmalineBride

      Good luck! :)