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    How to Paint a Mason Jar

    April 24, 2012  14 Comments

    Mason jars are simple, versatile, and inexpensive, making them an essential “go-to” wedding staple for many DIY brides. As a result, this mason jar phenomenon – and trend – is turning up in wedding nooks + crannies everywhere. If you are a bride who thinks mason jars are becoming too “trendy”, it’s time to take a fresh approach: just add paint! Today, we’re sharing tutorials on how to paint a mason jar to turn ordinary canning jars into chic, wedding-worthy decor pieces you’ll happily reuse ever after. Enjoy!

    how to paint a mason jar

    by michaela noelle designs

    How to Paint a Mason Jar

    * * *

    1. Lace Covered Mason Jars + Paint

    Cover in lace doilies, paint, add a votive candle, and remove the top for a perfect mason jar luminary.

    how to paint a mason jar

    by michaela noelle designs

    2. Black + White + Glue Gun Lettering (Brilliant.)

    Black and white painted mason jars look modern and the glue gun lettering underneath makes personalization a cinch. Use a glue gun to add a custom table number (for centerpieces), your monogram, or the wedding date to make it your own.

    how to paint a mason jar

    by pure & noble

    how to paint a mason jar

    by pure & noble

    3. Bright + Sunny

    A fresh coat of yellow paint makes these mason jars pop with bunches of daisies.

    how to paint a mason jar

    by joy shope

    4. White with Lettering

    Wooden letters can be placed on the jar prior to painting to reveal a message after it dries. We love the idea of a custom quote or favorite song verse. Fill with flowers and place a different one at each table.

    how to paint a mason jar

    by the lettered cottage

    5. Prints in Paint

    Use paint and a decal to pretty up your favorite jar.

    how to paint a mason jar

    by the craft caboodle, photos by mustard seed photo

    6. Chalkboard Paint ‘Em Up

    Add chalkboard paint for a re-writable surface most suitable as table numbers. Don’t forget the chalk markers – we love ‘em.

    how to paint a mason jar

    by michaela noelle designs

    7. Rainbow Tinted Mason Jars

    Add just a pinch of color with tinted mason jars. We love this idea!

    how to paint a mason jar

    by say yes to hoboken

    8. Wedding White

    Classic wedding white is chic, sophisticated and can blend into any palette.

    how to paint a mason jar

    by liz marie blog

    9. Gold Mason Jar

    Gold metallic spray paint + a pretty bouquet turns any jar into a party-ready centerpiece.

    how to paint a mason jar

    styled by jacin of lovely little details, photo by flory photo via style me pretty

    10. Blue Tinted Mason Jars

    Blue mason jars are more expensive and hard to find! Skip the thrift stores and flea markets and spend one Saturday tinting regular clear mason jars instead!

    how to paint a mason jar

    by craftaholics anonymous

    – – –

    And.. just for fun, check out these glowing mason jars! Find out the full DIY scoop here.

    how to paint a mason jar

    by from panka with love

    * * *

    Happy Planning!


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    • Micheal Hussey

      Truly the best blog I never got such information before this thanks.http://instagram.com/bubblegumcasting

    • Margaret Haidet

      The lace jars are so beautiful. Love all these very talented and creative people.

    • http://www.michaelanoelledesigns.com michaela

      Hi!! Wow! Thanks so much for including my mason jars in your post. Just now finding this post and it made me smile :) So many other beautiful ideas as well! xo

    • AMAIA


    • Scout

      Love these mason jar ideas!!! So cute and versatile!!!

    • http://Pinterest Jo lap

      The lace doilies. Do u take them off after painting and what do u use to apply them? Thanks

      • EmmalineBride

        Hi Jo!

        You’ll want to remove the lace right after spray painting so it doesn’t stick to your jar while drying. Use clear tape to adhere to the jar. For the full how-to, please refer to this post. Hope it helps – good luck! If you have any additional questions, feel free to let us know.


    • Kari

      I used tempra paint on mason jars but by morning it had all peeled off. What am I doing wrong? Wanting to make lanterns for my son’s grad / boot camp party. Any advice would be great. Thank you !!!

    • Natalie


      Just a question.. what kind of paint do you use to tint glass blue? Where can you get it?

      Also what kind of paint do you use for the lace jars? Do you paint over the doily and then remove the doily? I’m a bit confused!


    • http://www.beaut-e.co.uk Elle

      Wow… these are stunning! I’m inspired :-)

    • http://simplybeautifulveg.blogspot.com Alexis

      I used lots of mason jars in my wedding, but these projects are so neat! I have so many left over from the big day that I’m still finding things to do with them. Great ideas!

    • http://www.cardinal-house.com Kat

      love these!! The black & white display would make for part of a great booth setup. The girly fanatic in me looooves the lace one…and the part of me that likes simple & modern wants to tint some mason jars ASAP.


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