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How to Register for Your Wedding (+ FREE Printable!)

by Emma Arendoski

How to Register for Your Wedding (via EmmalineBride.com)

Brides: if you’re wondering how to register for your wedding, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’ll tell you how to register for your wedding including a few do’s and dont’s, ideas on where to register, registry mistakes to avoid, and a FREE wedding registry checklist printable! Enjoy!

How to Register for Your Wedding

1. Give yourself plenty of time to register.

It is best to register for your wedding about 2-3 months before your shower. If you register too early, your items may be discontinued or you may accidentally scan seasonal items, which may no longer be in stock.

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2. Register for your wedding at two favorite stores.

It’s helpful to register at two stores to ensure easy accessibility for all guests. Also, I wouldn’t recommend registering at more than two stores. While most registries are also available online, some guests prefer to see the item in person before having it shipped online. Some popular stores that offer a wedding registry include Macy’s, Kohl’s, Crate & Barrel, Sur La Table, and, the belle of the ball – Bed Bath & Beyond. (Almost ever bridal shower I’ve ever attended had a registry at Bed Bath & Beyond.) Plus, stores now offer a registry list online so you can maintain, add, remove, and see what guests have purchased. If you want to be surprised, I recommend you skip making a log-in altogether. ;) In addition, consider some wedding registry alternatives (if you’d like) like Amazon. You know we’re crazy about the Wish List at Amazon (I even use it myself!) and we love it because you sign up, add the toolbar to your browser, and you can register for ANYTHING. Even handmade! It’s a dream.

3. How to Register

Registering for your wedding is easy! Just visit your favorite store, let a store clerk know you’re there to register for your wedding, and he or she will give you what you need to get started. Then, you just grab that bar code gun and scan, scan away! (It’s quite fun.) Bed Bath and Beyond even has a ‘registry’ section in the back of the store where they’ll help you pick out items, give you tips to help you get started, and even walk around the store with you to help register (if you wish). When my husband and I registered, it took us longer than we thought but BB&B let us finish while they closed the store and restocked the shelves. :) It’s fun to use the scan gun. Just try it and you’ll soon be addicted.

4. Register for your wedding TOGETHER.

I can’t stress this enough: registering for your wedding as a couple is so important. You should be getting used to making decisions together and registering is a great place to start. Plus, you’ll get to pick out some really fun items you’ll use together, like camping gear, kitchen gadgets, or that sweet Keurig maker you’ve been eying all year.

5. Register on a weekday.

If you have a weeknight available to register for your wedding, I recommend it versus a Saturday afternoon. Stores are much busier on the weekend and stores can get pretty packed. If you want a relaxing and fun experience, a weekday registry may be your best bet. If possible, register over the course of a few days, too, so you don’t get tired and overly hungry. My husband and I registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target and, over the course of a few days, when one of us got tired we called it. The first trip was largely to see what was there, and the second trip was to register for the things we wanted. It was fun… we pretty much made a date night of it.

6. Make sure you register for enough stuff!

Be sure to register for enough items so your guests have plenty to choose from; also, be sure you have a few items from all categories including low-, medium-, and high-end. Don’t fill your registry with exclusively pricey items, and, similarly, don’t skip out on those luxury items (given that you genuinely want and will use them). If you don’t get something you wanted, use any gift cards toward the purchase.

7. Don’t go overboard.

customized wine glasses

If you won’t use it, skip it. It will only clutter your cabinet. For instance, should you register for fine china? If you’ve always wanted it and plan to actually use it, then yes. However, I did not register for china and I don’t regret it. We knew we wouldn’t use it enough to warrant adding it to the registry, and I’ve never dreamed of owning china. Plus, we don’t need to store it or worry about breaking it. This scenario works for us, but you know best what will work for you. And, don’t register for something only to return it later for store credit. It’s tacky.

8. Don’t mention the stores at which you’re registered on your wedding invitation.

Your wedding registry should not be mentioned anywhere on your wedding invitation; the only place it should appear is on a card enclosed with your bridal shower invitation.

9. Don’t ask for cash.


Asking for cash is taboo. Want cash for something specific? Use a less-awkward alternative like Wedding Republic or Deposit a Gift, both of which allow you to register for non-store-bought items (like your honeymoon).

10. Savor the moment.

Registering for your wedding is a fun part of planning your big day. Savor it. There are few times in your life when you go to your favorite store and scan items you would love to own. Plus, you get to select items you’ll enjoy together for years to come. It doesn’t get much better than that!

FREE Wedding Registry Checklist

How to Register for Your Wedding (via EmmalineBride.com) - FREE Wedding Registry Checklist (via EmmalineBride.com)

To help you when you register for your wedding, we’ve compiled a FREE wedding registry checklist to take with you! Your list may vary, but this list is chock-full of essentials for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and dining. You can download it here.

Have fun!


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