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12 Best Reception Invitations for a Post-Elopement Party

by Emma Arendoski

Are you looking for elopement reception invitations? Are you wondering what to send as a reception invitation after wedding vows have been recited? It’s been a crazy year but we’re here to guide you on the proper reception invites to send post-elopement. Read on for more + subscribe now for the latest to your inbox!

Hi, loves! Did you elope and now you’re planning a big reception celebration? That’s great news because so did Joanna and she has a question that might fit in with your situation, too. She writes to us about elopement reception invitations in our Ask Emmaline inbox:

“Hi Emmaline Bride! I’m looking for we eloped reception invitations. My now husband and I decided to get married in October on our original wedding date, although we had to cancel the big wedding due to COVID. We had just our parents and a few friends in attendance. In August, we’re planning a wedding reception to celebrate our marriage with everyone whom we couldn’t invite to the ceremony. Do you have any tips on what kind of elopement reception invitations to send? We want to get the wording just right. Thanks so much for your help.”

Hi Joanna! Great question and congratulations on your marriage. Sorry to hear you had to cancel the wedding due to COVID, but good for you eloping in a small ceremony! I know a few people who did the same thing and I think it’s wonderful — I probably would have done exactly the same!.

Now that you are seeing less mandates and restrictions, COVID is easing up and you’re getting ready to celebrate, it’s a good time to send elopement reception invitations to your guests. With your timeline of August, it sounds like sending them out by June would be the best bet.

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There are several wedding reception invitations that we found for the occasion of elopement announcements, but these take it one step further. These invitations aren’t just announcements, they’re elopement reception invitations asking guests to join in on the fun of your big party!

The important part of sending these reception invites is to make it clear you already eloped / you’re already married, but you want everyone to be a part of the festivities and now you’re throwing a big party. Sounds like a fun idea to us!

TIP: Keep your paper to a minimum by having guests RSVP online. All you need is one of these (it’s free!) and guests can send in their responses in an instant, online. This means less paper + envelopes for you!

Here’s what we found to help. On to the invites!

Elopement Reception Invitations

After elopement reception invitations don’t vary too much from traditional invitations, with the exception of no mention of a ceremony or separate venue. When you’re searching for the perfect invites, simply look for reception invitations. Your situation is so common this year due to COVID and many stationers are offering a special elopement reception invitation section — like this section at Minted, these fun designs from Zazzle, these cards at Etsy, and some of these designs from Basic Invite, just to name a few.

Here are some of our favorites recommended for your post elopement reception, or as some are calling it, a “happily ever after party”. :)

1. Happily Ever After Party

A fun design with a photo makes these elopement reception invitations one of our favorites. You can use a picture from the day you tied the knot! By AdorePaperCo.

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2. Celebrate With Us

This design is by PaperMuserie and is simply sweet. It features a gold minimalist script and easy-to-read font for a nice design that goes with everything. See it here.

customized wine glasses

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3. Newlyweds Reception

The key ingredients to a fun elopement reception, listed here! Invitation by Christie Garcia.

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4. Nothin’ Fancy, Just Love

These are the best reception invitations for a low-key, rustic wedding celebration. By FiveDucklings.

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5. Wedding Reception

Invitations like these are elegant, formal, and have the perfect wording to describe a celebration post elopement. By Chryssi Tsoupanarias. You can change the color to suit your theme or style in one-click here.

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6. Happy Ever After Party

These simple but elegant wedding reception invites are a great way to ask your guests to join you in celebrating your marriage. By Teesha and Derrick.

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7. Reception

These might be my favorite for reception invitation wording. They’re simple, to-the-point, and make it clear you’ve married and you’re excited to now have the opportunity to celebrate with your family and friends. By JoAnn Jinks.

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8. Please Join Us

This post elopement invitation tells guests when you eloped and invites them to a festive reception to celebrate your marriage. I love this design! By Laura Hamm.

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9. New Life as a Married Couple

These are beautiful invitations for your reception. By Everett Paper Goods.

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10. Reception Invite

I love the wording here: it includes your parents (if following this invitation etiquette) and informs guests of your elopement. Beautiful design, too! Elopement reception invitations by Design Lotus.

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11. Gilded

These gold gilded invitations are one of my favorites. It reminds me of ours, as we also had gold edges on our invites. :) These reception invitations note your elopement and ask guests to join in dancing and merriment. By Kelly Schmidt.

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12. Floral Invitation

And last but not least, these organic florals invitations look just like a standard invite, but the wording is perfect for an elopement reception. By Susan Moyal.

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We hope these invitations help you spread the excitement to guests about your elopement and your upcoming reception! Which reception invitations are your favorite? Tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Celebrating!



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