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7 Wedding Day-Of Stationery Items to NOT Forget

by Emma Arendoski

What kind of stationery do you need for the day of your wedding? Don’t worry about missing a thing: we’re here to help with our essential day of wedding stationery checklist. Read on for more + subscribe now for the latest!

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Are you worried you’ll forget any important day-of wedding stationery items? Stay in-the-know with everything you need thanks to this checklist! We’ve compiled a list of your essential stationery needs for the day of your wedding. There are 7 in total, including one that many couples forget. Let’s get started!

Does wedding day stationery need to match?

The colors and styles should coordinate, yes. But do you need EVERYTHING to match? No! In fact, it’s more fun to mix-and-match, like this!

Day-of Stationery for Weddings

Here are the 7 wedding items your day-of stationery list needs to have.

1. Programs

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Yes, wedding programs are a must. In addition to outlining your ceremony’s order of events, you can take this stationery item one step further. On the backside, include a thank you message to your guests, announce your wedding party attendants, and include names of lost loved ones who have passed in a heartfelt tribute.

If you prefer to keep it more simple, a minimalist style works great, too. Here are some suggestions in beautiful designs from Minted’s collection. You can customize these any way you’d like, with backing options to add more text, designs, colors, and more.

P.S. Wondering about quantity? Read: how many wedding programs you should order.

by creo study, buy here

by petra kern, buy here

by kaydi bishop, buy here

You can browse more examples and see how easy it is to personalize your programs

Programs? Check! Next up in our wedding day stationery checklist: seating cards.

2. Place & Escort Cards

When it comes to wedding day-of stationery you don’t want to forget, make sure place cards and escort cards are at the top of your list. Some couples forget these cards, especially because they get them mixed-up and think they’re the same thing. These two important cards play different roles in your wedding and you’ll need to have both.

Note: if you are using a seating chart (see #5), you can skip the escort cards.

Escort cards tell guests to be seated at table number ___.

Once they reach the table, they will then look for their place card.

Place cards tell guests which seat is theirs at the specific table.

Personally, I love the use of both escort cards and place cards. Why? Escort cards make it easy to find the right table immediately upon arrival at the reception.

Once guests reach their table, a place card makes them feel welcomed at a specific seat. Plus, there are many place cards can double as favors, which is always a fun idea.

You don’t have to get complicated with place cards or escort/seating cards when it comes to your wedding, especially when you get them printed for you at Minted. They offer these cards in a variety of beautiful designs. Other places offer place cards you can purchase, but you’ll need to take care of the guest names on them. This is great if you have calligraphy skills or want to DIY the names on your home printer.

If you prefer the convenience of ordering place cards with names all set to go, utilize their helpful FREE guest name addressing. You can get your guest names addressed on the cards for you — and the printing and typography makes them look gorgeous!

Here are a few examples.

by joanna griffin, buy here

by anastasia makarova, buy here

by kristie kern, buy here

Need more inspo? Click here to shop their cards.

3. Wedding Welcome Sign

A welcome sign makes sure your guests know they’ve arrived at the right place. This is especially important if you’re having an outdoor wedding, a unique wedding venue location, or you’re planning a wedding at a venue with multiple weddings happening at the same location. In addition, it adds another element of decor to your space — and who doesn’t love that?

You can get a custom welcome sign made here and display it on an easel or hang it up outdoors, as shown here:

buy here

Browse more here.

4. Table Numbers

When it comes to day of wedding stationery, one of the most important ones always comes to mind: table numbers. If you prefer, table names work great, too, but we recommend you still include a number so the table is easy to find, fast!

Without table numbers, how will guests know where to be seated? How will caterers know where to bring out plated meals, who still needs to receive cake slices, and which table asked for more coffee?

Table numbers keep things very organized and, if they’re not already on your wedding day checklist, make sure you add them.

And… the number one rule of table numbers: make sure you have them double-sided, so guests can see the number on either side. You also want to make sure the table numbers are very easy to read.

Place them at the center of your table so they’re easy to spot.

by phrosne ras, buy here

by kaydi bishop, buy here

by cass loh, buy here

by lea delavaris, buy here

As you can see, there are many designs from which to choose! You can find more here.

5. Seating Charts

We mentioned in #2 above that if you opt for a seating chart, you can omit escort cards. That’s because the seating chart itself will tell guests where to be seated. This is a great way to cut the cost of additional cards and opt for one sign, placed on an easel at the entryway of your wedding, and consolidate paper.

by mere paper, buy here

For more info on everything about these, read: How to Make an Easy Seating Chart for Your Wedding, recently published.

We covered everything you need to know about seating charts, but you can browse more designs here.

6. Menus

What’s for dinner? Menu cards are one of the wedding day stationery items that often gets overlooked. Menus ought to be mandatory; guests love to read what’s coming up for dinner, especially if it is served family-style or if there is a buffet.

Plus, when your menus look this good, they aren’t just a wedding stationery item to check off of your list: they become a part of your table decor! Choose colors and designs that coordinate with everything else on your day of wedding checklist for a cohesive style.

by chocomocacino, buy here

by petra kern, buy here

by leah bisch, buy here

Crave more menus? Browse here to see them all!

7. Favor Tags

Once you decide what kind of wedding favors you’ll give to guests, you may need tags to make them wedding-ready. Luckily, there are amazing tags you can get customized from here to coordinate with other day of wedding stationery.

by morgan ramberg, buy here

by amy payne, buy here

by kristen smith, buy here

by angela marzuki, buy here

Shop favor tags here.

And there you have it: everything you need for wedding day-of stationery!

Other Wedding Day Must-Haves

Oops, don’t go just yet: you may also need to pick up three more items. These three wedding day essentials are helpful to have for your reception:

favors sign

– wedding gifts & cards sign

guest book sign

They’ll be placed on tables at your reception so guests don’t miss:

1) taking a favor,

2) placing a card in a designated box (like this with a lock, must-have!) or a present on the table, and

3) signing your guest book.

I hope it helps!

To shop EVERYTHING for your wedding day-of stationery along with other necessities (i.e. invitations and save the dates before the wedding, thank you cards for after), click here to shop Minted.com.

And if you need any help picking out your stationery, try a FREE 30-minute virtual consultation with their team here! They’re happy to help. :)

Happy Planning!


This is a blog post in collaboration with Minted.

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