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19 Self Care Gifts for Brides Who Are Stressin’ in 2020

by Emma Arendoski

Are you looking for the best self care gifts for her? Want to send a bride care package for someone’s wedding that was canceled or mail a ray of sunshine to someone going through something right now? It’s all right here: relaxation, shipped right to her door. Subscribe to the blog for emails in your inbox. It’s free + we’re fun (promise!)

This year has been a rollercoaster ride and not even the fun kind.

And that’s saying a lot because I freaking love rollercoasters.

self care gifts for brides

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I told my friend the other day, if 2020 is a train, stoppp, I want to get off! We laughed. And then cried. Just kidding. :)

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Instead, we had a nice chat about how there are so many things going on in right now, and you have to just LOOK for the silver lining anywhere you possibly can. Yes, even during COVID-19.

Who knows why things happen when or why they even do, but this year has been a chance to spend more time with close family and friends (pretty much your Quaranteam, amiright?) and maybe even take a little time for yourself to do hobbies, clean up the home, finish those projects you’ve put off forever.

If you’re a bride whose wedding day was canceled, we’re sorry to hear your plans were postponed or changed in such a major way.

self care gifts

by detailsmatterstudio

If you’re a bride whose wedding day is still on, but you’re checking the COVID-19 stats with eagle-eyed optimism, we’re with you (and we’re crossing our fingers and toes that everything gets better very quickly).

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If next year is the time when all weddings that were supposed to happen come to fruition, then I know one thing is for certain: 2021 couples and guests are going to party their you-know-whats off!

I’ve noticed a lot of people turning to self care gifts: a little self-care therapy — or just a little retail therapy — to bring a little joy. From specialty face masks (not this kind, although those are surprisingly cute) to spa bath bombs, we’re finding specialty handmade self care gifts for brides as a huge trend right now. A few of my friends sent bride care packages to family members whose weddings were postponed earlier this year as a little “cheer-you-up” gift on the day that was supposed to be the wedding day.

Others are supporting small businesses and buying self care gifts her, for brides, birthdays, holidays, and just because.

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Today we’re rounding up some of those self care bride gifts or bridal gift basket ideas to bring joy to a favorite bride-to-be in your life (even yourself!)

customized wine glasses

Yes, we wholeheartedly believe sometimes you need to… Treat Yo Self! :) (I always love the fine leather goods part by Retta!)

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These fun self care gifts for women will make your fave friend smile, even in this crazy year. :) Nah, you don’t even have to be a bride to want to try ALL THE THINGS, like I do! But since many of you are brides, it seemed like a good fit.

On to the relaxation!


Self Care Gifts for Her

1. Luxury Self Care Gifts for Brides

I want/need this one! Check out that throw! Ooh-la-la. By HarborSeventeen.

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2. Rose Gold Box

By GratefulGadgets.

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3. Citrus Spa Gift Box

I love all things citrusy and this box looks like a fragrant orange explosion! By Joygiftbox.

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4. Serenity Box

This box includes a few of my favorite things, like that perfect potted succulent! By LivetoGiveShop.

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5. Box of Sunshine

Who doesn’t need a little sprinkle of sunshine sometime? This box is by BerwickBloomingBuds.

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6. Engagement Self Care Gifts for Brides

This engagement box is perfect for brides that are newly engaged or postponing their wedding, sure to cheer ’em up. By BountifulGivingTree.

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7. Handmade Spa Gift Box

This one looks so relaxing, especially that lavender body oil! Love that scent. By RoamHomegrown.

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8. Sweets Package

Cookies + cupcakes! Yum! By SendSweetCare.

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9. Cozy Socks

The socks in this box look super-soft and cozy! By UnboxMeGifts.

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10. Surprise Pamper Box

This is called a “hug in a box”. How sweet is that? By DougieAndJarvis.

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11. Rejuvenating + Relaxation

The clay masks in this self care gift box look amazing! By HestiaCalifornia.

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12. Natural Apothecary Bride Gift Basket

By HerbsandSoil.

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13. Calm Down Gift Box

This is like the self care gifts for brides version of Taylor Swift‘s You Need to Calm Down. :) By PeaceOrganics.

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14. Color Yourself Calm in a Blanket

Socks? Check. Coloring book? Check. Coloring pencils? Check. BLANKET?! Check! This self care gift box for her has it all! Just uncork a bottle of wine. :) By BoxedComfort.

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15. Bee Gift Box

By OzarkOriginalsStore.

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16. Bride to Be

These engagement boxes make fun self care gifts for brides! By ThreeTwo1.

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17. Kitchen Gift Box

By HarborSeventeen.

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18. Luxury Gifts for Her

By GratefulGadgets.

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19. Treat Yo Self Spa Gift Box

A bath bomb, tumbler, candle, and lip balm are just a few of the little luxuries in this bridal gift care package. By BaumDesignsShop.

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20. Organic Tea Box

By AsanabarSoaps.

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And there you have it: self care gifts for brides that will cheer them up. Send one to yourself if you want to, you deserve it. We all deserve a little TLC!

Where to Buy Self Care Gifts for Brides

Like a box you see here? Buy it by clicking on the photo or link underneath it! And guess what? These are ALL handmade! Your purchase supports a small business (yay!) which is so very important during these crazy times.

Also, these aren’t just for brides-to-be: these self care gifts for women are perfect presents for anyone who could use a little pick-me-up.

Take care, stay healthy, wear a dang mask! :)

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Happy Planning!


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