Lavender Bouquet

Lavender is such a simple and stunning alternative to a traditional wedding bouquet. In this example, the bride chose a lavender bouquet for her bridesmaids which complemented their dresses perfectly.

lavender bouquet

lavender bouquet

Spotted here originally from Style Me Pretty and photographed by Samm Blake.


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  • Harriet

    Anyone know where these Bridesmaid dresses are from? Thanks!

  • Lola

    This is absolutely a beautiful idea.

  • Madison

    Lavender does really look so beautiful!

  • Lauren Elise

    I’m dying…those bouquets are off-the-charts insanely amazing. Perfection! Simplicity can be so stunning.

  • ann (@wedding favors)

    Lavenders are simple yet they have the luscious scent that will definitely enthrall the hearts of the guests. For me, this is something unique and magnificent.

  • Courtney

    I would look so blissful in every picture were I carrying a lavender bouquet, because I love me some lavender.

    On second thought, I’d probably look pretty goofy, what with my face smooshed into my flowers the whole time…

  • WedinStyle wedding planner in Vietnam

    nooo, i think it’s a bit sexy and gorgeous -> LOVE the dress ^^ and also the flowers look match with it

  • jacin {lovely little details}

    i love lavender :)

  • Kirsten

    Gorgeous! I love this idea because I used rosemary in my flowers (which I cut from a huge bush in my front yard) and now whenever I smell it the scent reminds me of that day :)

  • khbride

    I love this idea! So simple, yet so beautiful!

  • Sheila

    Wow so beautiful!! =)