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How to Plan a Coffee Themed Wedding

October 7, 2011 | 28 Comments

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So, we’ve all heard the song this song by Landon Pigg… right? It’s one of those songs you might not recognize from the title but once you have a listen you’ll remember it. The soft melody reminds you of all things warm and fuzzy… like falling in love and, yes, a coffee shop. (Well played, Landon.) Today, we’re showing you how to plan a coffee themed wedding, whether that means you’re getting married in a coffee shop or blending together a few key elements to tie together your coffee theme. Read on to find out how to plan a coffee themed wedding, find inspiration for coffee wedding centerpieces and decor, learn how to make your own DIY coffee themed wedding favors and more! Enjoy!

coffee themed wedding

source | photography by birdsong photography

How to Plan a Coffee Themed Wedding

We’ve heard of unique wedding ceremony spots before, but a coffee shop? This one’s a first! Francisco & Rebecca tied the knot in a small, intimate wedding ceremony in a coffee shop where they shared one of their first dates. (Awwwwww.) What a perfect way to tie a sweet memory and your love for coffee! These images were taken by the lovely Hyer Images based in Madison, Wisconsin.

coffee themed wedding
coffee themed wedding
coffee themed wedding

photography by hyer images

Getting married in your favorite spot, the place you met or your first date is a terrific way to share a chapter of your love story with your guests. And, can we just add how adorable this couple is? Cheers, you two!

How to Plan a Coffee Bar

If you’ll be tying the knot with a coffee themed wedding – or, you’re blessed with a sweetest little coffee shop around the corner that doesn’t mind a few guests in attendance, make a great first impression with plenty of coffee drinks. In lieu of alcohol (or in addition to) opt for yummy coffee instead. Buy plenty of flavored creamers, offer sugar and swizzle sticks, personalized coffee cups and plenty of delicious donuts for dunking.

Signature drinks for the bride and groom…

coffee themed wedding


coffee themed wedding


And, you know how you’ve seen these chalkboard mason jars? Here’s a unique twist – for coffee!

coffee themed wedding


Grab a few mugs for your bridesmaids…

coffee themed wedding


… and, a few manly mugs for the groomsmen…

coffee themed wedding

Or, just for the bride + groom…

coffee themed wedding


coffee themed wedding


… and, personalized spoons for your coffee + sugar…

coffee themed wedding


Coffee Bean Place Cards

For a cohesive theme, you’ll want to incorporate coffee-inspired details into your decor. For example, you can have ordinary place cards… or, you can up the ante with these coffee bean place cards:

coffee themed wedding

source | photographed by revert photo

coffee bean place cards

source | photography by fs weddings

Coffee Bean Centerpieces

For easy centerpieces, just add whole coffee beans to clear vases and fill with candles or flowers.

coffee themed wedding


coffee themed wedding


Caramel Coffee Warmers

coffee themed wedding


These delicious caramel coffee warmers and cookies are placed on top of guests’ coffee cups to keep ‘em piping hot. The steam makes the warmers ooey gooey for a delicious treat.

Coffee Wedding Favors

What’s a coffee themed wedding without coffee favors? Package up coffee beans in mason jars, jelly jars, boxes, kraft bags, burlap sacks, etc.

coffee themed wedding


coffee themed wedding


coffee themed wedding

source | photography by erin hearts court

coffee themed wedding


We think these coffee scoops would look adorable attached to your coffee wedding favors with a ribbon:

coffee themed wedding


Make DIY Wedding Favors

coffee themed wedding


Our favorite DIY coffee themed wedding favors come from this beautiful tutorial by Intimate Weddings. There’s even a FREE printable label! Check out the full how-to here.

The Perfect Coffee Wedding Ring Shot

And, don’t forget the perfect coffee ring shot! Here’s one of our favorites:

coffee themed wedding

source | photographed by miller + miller photography

We hope you’ve enjoyed these coffee themed wedding finds! Now, go grab a latte!

Happy Planning!


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  • Kathy

    The picture of the silver coffee beans – These are NOT spray painted, these are metal -www.joulies.com/ – these are actually little metal beans for keeping your coffee hot – just a warning, don’t try to spray paint coffee beans silver, they don’t look like this and it ends up a huge mess! ;)

  • http://thomasscibilia.com thomas scibilia

    the “spray painted coffee beans” are infact “cofee joulies” they cool off and keep coffee at the proper drinking temperature for a long time.

    • http://emmalinebride.com/preferred-vendors/admin/ Emmaline Bride

      Thanks for clarifying, Thomas!

  • http://www.photogenix.biz Photogenix

    I love this. Would give me an opportunity to mix all 3 of my passions – photography, weddings and coffee.

  • http://twitter.com/DaysGoneDesign/status/124881062907219968/ Nikki A. (@DaysGoneDesign)

    So I didn’t quite have a Coffee Themed wedding, but my husband did propose at our favorite coffee shop. These… http://t.co/87vMF0Pv

  • http://twitter.com/HarringtonEvent/status/124525484615811072/ Holly Stern (@HarringtonEvent)

    It’s a coffee lovers dream! Creative ways to tastefully incorporate coffee into your wedding! http://t.co/TLSSNb62

  • http://twitter.com/NENRIN_/status/124371746924150784/ 0246kenichi (@NENRIN_)

    ビンにキャンドルが入ってるやつがいいね!RT @BuckedbytheStar: A coffee shop wedding♥ http://t.co/Oma4VGtY (@fancysamosa)

  • http://twitter.com/BuckedbytheStar/status/124357987874779136/ Kaori (@BuckedbytheStar)

    A coffee shop wedding♥ http://t.co/nCeK1PJh (@fancysamosa)

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  • http://twitter.com/rachelxcrashes/status/124263829227048960/ Rachel Boatwright (@rachelxcrashes)

    How to Plan a Coffee Themed Wedding | Emmaline Bride http://t.co/1Ko9k92m via @EmmalineBride too darn cute :) must remember in 5-10 years!!

  • http://twitter.com/caseymichele22/status/124263316066541568/ Casey Ardoin (@caseymichele22)

    What a cute idea! Coffehouse wedding via @EmmalineBride http://t.co/NqypOSl7

  • http://apaperproposal.com Sarah {A Paper Proposal}

    WOW! This is a great post! You’ve pretty much thought of everything and then some. Great ideas!

  • http://twitter.com/EmmalineBride/status/124261201214574592/ Emma | EmmalineBride (@emmalinebride) (@emmalinebride) (@EmmalineBride)

    Phew! Back to normal! I guess too many coffee-obsessed brides were nuts over this post ;) http://t.co/bbZmUOKR feat. today in @glamourmag! ♥

  • http://twitter.com/EmmalineBride/status/124253021042520064/ Emma | EmmalineBride (@emmalinebride) (@emmalinebride) (@EmmalineBride)

    @glamourmag Loved your write up. Thanks! Too many coffee drinkers crashed the server but it’s back up now. ;) http://t.co/sYWS5s4u

  • Monica montemayor

    I am so excited about this post. I love coffee…I am really thinking of using this as a bridal shower theme.

  • http://twitter.com/MagnetStreetWed/status/123134421665710080/ MagnetStreetWeddings (@MagnetStreetWed)

    How to: Plan a Coffee Themed Wedding http://ow.ly/6Qwnx via @EmmalineBride {Can’t get enough of this. Such adorable ideas!}

  • http://thesecretlifeofinvites.com Allie@HoneyBeeInvites

    Oh I need all of those adorable coffee mugs! :)

  • http://www.kissmytulle.com Cris of Kiss My Tulle

    My best friend works at Starbucks and did a coffee theme for her wedding. Baby blue and coffee brown. Every got mini bags of coffee beans for favors – VERY popular. Plus, the venue smelled amazing!

  • http://twitter.com/kissmytulle/status/122380041945493505/ Cris Stone (@kissmytulle)

    Simply brilliant post from Emmaline Bride on how to plan a coffee wedding:… http://t.co/2sCYy03D

  • http://www.weddingsaints.com How to Plan a Wedding from Beginning to End

    A coffee themed wedding, that’s a new one, I wonder what the ceremony hall would look like.

  • http://twitter.com/glittersntgold/status/122352601873383424/ Andréa Piazza (@glittersntgold)

    @these_words_are RT @emmalinebride Love coffee? Don’t miss this! http://t.co/Smy1B2lR

  • http://twitter.com/susie/status/122334313344794625/ susie (@susie)

    A coffee-themed wedding? Why didn’t we think of that @xbuzz? http://t.co/nTRvyPpA

  • http://twitter.com/EmmalineBride/status/122332242646269953/ Emma | EmmalineBride (@emmalinebride) (@emmalinebride) (@EmmalineBride)

    Love coffee? Don’t miss this! http://t.co/sYWS5s4u

  • http://twitter.com/PremiereEvMn/status/122330604200136708/ Ashley Morton (@PremiereEvMn)

    For a cold, Fall day, who doesn’t want a nice warm cup of coffee? I LOVE this Theme!! What do you think?? ~ Ashley http://t.co/vc22RsBJ

  • http://www.twoweddingbelles.com Jessica@TWB

    I feel like I just drank 10 cups of java after looking through all these great ideas!

  • http://www.littlewedhen.com Stephanie @ Little Wed Hen

    As an unashamed caffeine fiend, I have to say that I’m quite a fan of this one! I love the first pic with the “I do”/”me too” mugs.

  • http://twitter.com/ilikeweddings/status/122190442577149952/ I like weddings (@ilikeweddings)

    Keeping this in mind for the future! | How to Plan a Coffee Themed Wedding | Emmaline Bride http://t.co/ilMxiZud via @EmmalineBride

  • http://twitter.com/EmmalineBride/status/122189216343007233/ Emma | EmmalineBride (@emmalinebride) (@emmalinebride) (@EmmalineBride)

    How to Plan a Coffee Themed Wedding http://t.co/sYWS5s4u

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