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Wood Letter Wedding Decoration & Felt Flowers

I never thought I could love felt flowers almost as much as the real deal. But awhile ago when we talked about these felt wedding ideas and I couldn’t believe how beautiful felt could really be. And with further digging, I spotted this wood letter wedding decoration over at The Felt Flower Shop and now I just adore all things felt. Take a look and I think you’ll see what I mean! (Oh, and this can be re-used after the wedding as home decor!) The ampersand is cute, too.

Wood Letter Wedding Decoration

Wood Letter Wedding Decoration & Felt Flowers | http://emmalinebride.com/decor/wood-letter-wedding-decoration/

the felt flower shop

the felt flower shop

5 Amazing (+ Easy!) DIY Wedding Ideas

Hi, loves! If you’re a DIY-loving bride (pros and amateurs welcome!), you’re in for a treat today! We’ve rounded up five stylish + easy DIY wedding ideas to try. We’ve found a floral monogram (pretty much one of the prettiest things we’ve seen in awhile!), a pom backdrop, an amazing marquee, and more. If easy DIY wedding ideas are what you crave, you’ve come to the right place… and, I must say, these finds are pretty darn inexpensive, too. Ready to begin? Let’s go!

Easy DIY Wedding Ideas

1. DIY Floral Monogram

On the DIY love scale, I easily rate this project a 9/10, as in, I’m going to make this for my home immediately. All you need are letter like these, floral foam, flowers of your choice, and a few easy-to-find supplies.

diy floral monogram letter via Easy DIY Wedding Ideas
diy floral monogram by urbanic paper via Easy DIY Wedding Ideas

get the full diy at urbanic paper

2. DIY Paper Pom Backdrop

Tissue paper is inexpensive… and chic when you know what to do with it. This paper pom backdrop is gorgeous — and you can pick any color to coordinate with your soiree!

diy paper pom backdrop by the sweetest occasion via Easy DIY Wedding Ideas

find the diy at the sweetest occasion

3. DIY Love Marquee

Get OUT. I love this. Hang it in your reception site for a statement piece guests will definitely notice.

diy love marquee by brittany makes via Easy DIY Wedding Ideas

the diy tutorial can be found at brittany makes

4. DIY Monogram Teacup Succulent

Teacups and succulents are a winning combination! Make these to give as wedding favors. EB TIP: As an alternate to succulents, try these!

monogrammed succulent teacup by confetti and cleats via Easy DIY Wedding Ideas

grab the diy tutorial at confetti and cleats

5. DIY Floral Cloche

And, last but not least, take a peek at this floral cloche. I love this look for rustic, woodland weddings as a chic centerpiece detail.

diy cloche centerpiece by divine caroline via Easy DIY Wedding Ideas

diy details available at divine caroline

So, dish: what’s your favorite of the above? Do any of these projects inspire you? Tell us below! We’d love to hear from you!


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Must-Have Detail: Write a Letter to the Groom

Brides: we spotted a must-have detail for your wedding to-do list! A few days before the wedding, write a letter to the groom to be read before the ceremony. Add this to your list of getting ready photos for your photographer to capture his expression as he reads your sweet sentiments.

Write a Letter to the Groom (photo: third line studios)

photo: third line studios | see the real wedding

Write a Letter to the Groom

When writing your letter to the groom, include details such as a favorite memory from your courtship; how happy you are to become his wife; what you envision about your wedding day; how excited you are to spend your life with him.

Must-Have Detail:  Write a Letter to the Groom (photo: brooke brooks)

photo: brooke brooks | see the real wedding

You’ll love to have this wedding memory captured on film… and he’ll love to receive this surprise while getting ready before the ceremony.

Must-Have Detail:  Write a Letter to the Groom (photo: michelle gardella)

photo: michelle gardella | see the real wedding

Must-Have Detail:  Write a Letter to the Groom / Bride (photo: brooke brooks)

photo: brooke brooks | see the real wedding

You can include a gift for the groom with your card, or just have the card delivered as-is. Here’s an example of a perfect card to send to your groom (spotted over at Paperlaced) — it’s perfect! It reads, “To my husband on our wedding day”.

Must-Have Detail:  Write a Letter to the Groom (card: paperlaced)

There’s more coming up next! Stay tuned :)


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10 Creative DIY Washi Tape Ideas

Hello, hello! Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get creative? Want to add a bright pop of color to your modern wedding? You’ve come to the right place! Today we’re unveiling ten of our favorite DIY washi tape ideas to inspire your handcrafted wedding. You’ll find a chic escort card display, a washi tape infused table runner, tea lights, a chic way to add a name tag to drinks, dress up ordinary bottles or vases, and more! We’ll also explain what washi tape is and where to buy it. So, let’s get started, shall we?

diy washi tape ideas

DIY Washi Tape Ideas

First, what is washi tape? Washi tape is like a masking tape (removable from most surfaces) and is typically combined with acrylic glue. The best way to explain washi tape is to think of a pretty form of masking tape: it comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and prints and can be incorporated into many DIY projects.

1. Washi Tape Escort Card Display

Show guests to their seats with this trendy, modern escort card display.

washi tape escort card display via DIY Washi Tape Ideas

via a little bite of everything

2. DIY Washi Tape Table Runner

Table runners get a new look: just add washi tape!

washi tape table runner via DIY Washi Tape Ideas

via revel

3. Washi Tape Wood Letter Border

For just a pop of color, add washi tape to the border of a wood letter.

washi tape letter via DIY Washi Tape Ideas

via the love nerds

4. Washi Tape Tea Lights

You know those bulk tealights you’ve been eyeing at IKEA? (Um, 100 for under $12? Been there, bought that.) Go ahead and buy ’em. Then dress them up with washi tape!

washi tape tealight candles via DIY Washi Tape Ideas

via smitten on paper

5. Washi Tape Letter

You know we love paper mache letters… now made even cuter with washi tape!

diy washi tape letter via DIY Washi Tape Ideas

via polka dot chair

6. Washi Tape Name Tag for Drinks

Whether it’s girls night, your engagement party, bridal shower, or wedding reception, washi tape makes a darn good name tag for drinks. It looks especially chic on these.

diy washi tape name tags via DIY Washi Tape Ideas

via jentertaining

7. DIY Washi Tape Monogram Art

We couldn’t help but include a home decor item… like this washi tape monogram art idea! It could make a cute gift for your bridesmaids, too.

washi tape monogram art via DIY Washi Tape Ideas

via lia griffith

8. DIY Washi Tape Clothespins

If you’re setting up an escort card display using clothespins, you can add a personal touch with washi tape. It’s easy!

diy washi tape clothespins via DIY Washi Tape Ideas

via iheartnaptime

9. Washi Tape Notebooks + Pencils

Want a wedding planning notebook that also acts as a chic accessory? Buy a plain journal and cover it with washi tape. Instantly modern! You can also wrap ordinary pencils for a pop of color.

washi tape notebooks pencils via DIY Washi Tape Ideas

via lia griffith

10. Washi Tape Vases

Ordinary clear vases or white bottles look beautiful when you add a few strips of washi tape to them.

washi tape vases bottles via DIY Washi Tape Ideas

via the winthrop chronicles

Where to Buy Washi Tape

http://www.estatesales.net/estate-sales/MI/Bloomfield-Hills/48301/580968You can buy washi tape from your local craft store or online, where you’ll find a huge assortment of designs and styles. One place to find them is at Chickydoddle. Here are a few of our favorite patterns from the shop:

washi tape via DIY Washi Tape Ideasgingham washi tape via DIY Washi Tape Ideas

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diy washi tape ideas

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Happy Planning!


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Top 10 Reusable Wedding Decorations

Hello, loves, and Happy Monday! We hope you had a great weekend. I (Emma here!) love Mondays in particular since we get to kick off a brand new week of handmade wedding inspiration and launch a new giveaway (details on that coming up next!) This weekend, I had the honor of signing copies of my new book in lovely Northville, Michigan at Next Chapter Bookstore and Bistro. I wanted to extend my gratitude to those who came out to visit me and purchase a copy. It was wonderful to see your smiling faces!

To kick off the brand new week, we’re talking about reusable wedding decorations. Instead of buying decorations to be thrown away after your wedding, consider reusable wedding decorations meant as keepsakes in your home. To show you what we mean – and provide plenty of inspiration! – we’ve compiled ten favorite new finds. Read on to see which decorations made the list + find how we recommend using ’em. Enjoy!

Reusable Wedding Decorations

1. Bride + Groom Custom Illustration Print

Who wouldn’t love a custom illustration made in their image? This find is one of my favorite illustrations to date. At the wedding, display on an easel for guests to view upon entering the reception; after the big day, frame and display in your love nest. Illustrated with love by Barbara Szepesi Szűcs Illustrations

reusable wedding decorations - illustrated print

barbara szepesi szűcs illustrations

reusable wedding decorations - bride and groom illustrated print

barbara szepesi szűcs illustrations

2. Custom Wedding Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery hoops are all the rage these days – and weddings are no exception. This modern take on the vintage classic is custom-made with your initials or names, along with your wedding date. Display as part of a vignette on your cake table or guest book table; after the wedding, place on your bookshelf. Grab yours at Merriweather Council.

reusable wedding decorations - custom wedding embroidery hoop

by merriweather council

reusable wedding decorations - custom wedding embroidery hoop

by merriweather council

3. Personalized Wedding Sign

This personalized wedding sign is made of the highest quality wood and is a must-have for newlyweds. It features your new last name and ‘established in’ with your wedding year. A classic! By Smoky Mountain Woodcrafts.

reusable wedding decorations - personalized wedding sign

by smoky mountain wood crafts

4. Typography Custom Wedding Canvas Gift

This custom wedding canvas makes a great decoration for your home and double-duty by sharing little pieces of your love story to your guests. You select the words to display and Geezees does the rest!

reusable wedding decorations - typography custom wedding canvas gift

by geezees

5. Vintage Personalized Cake Server

Fact: you need a cake server at your wedding. Why not buy one that you’ll actually want to re-use after the big day? We love this personalized set of cake forks and a vintage cake server spotted at Wooden Hive. After the first cake cutting, you can re-use for years serving up smiles on anniversaries and birthdays.

reusable wedding decorations - vintage personalized cake server

by wooden hive

6. Champagne Tub with Monogram

Chill your favorite champagne or wine for your wedding and re-use while entertaining guests in your home. We love the monogram for an extra-special touch. By Susabellas.

reusable wedding decorations - champagne tub with monogram

by susabellas

7. Fall Wedding Guest Book Tree

This is one of our favorite reusable wedding decorations, as it offers three parts: a guest book alternative, a decorative (+ thematic) wedding accent, and an art piece for your home. Love, love, love. By SuzyShoppe.

reusable wedding decorations - fall wedding guest book tree

by suzyshoppe
reusable wedding decorations - fall wedding guest book tree
by suzyshoppe
reusable wedding decorations - fall wedding guest book tree
by suzyshoppe

8. Custom Address Stamp

This find is less of a decoration at your wedding and more of a decoration that each guest will see upon being invited (equally important). Plus, it cuts down on time spent hand-writing your address on each envelope. After the wedding, use the stamp on all correspondence – holiday cards, thank you notes, and more!

by paper sushi

9. Custom Cartoon Coffee Mugs

Serve up smiles with hot cocoa or coffee at your wedding in these adorable, custom-illustrated coffee mugs; keep the smiles going by reusing these mugs every morning! What a sweet idea. By Wandersketch.

reusable wedding decorations - custom cartoon coffee mugs

by wandersketch

reusable wedding decorations - custom cartoon coffee mugs

by wandersketch

10. Large Wooden Monogram Letter

This large wooden monogram letter can be used as a guest book (have guests sign the monogram letter with permanent marker) and displayed on a wall in your home afterward. Available in a multitude of punchy colors for a bold touch. By Wild Cherry Wood Shop.

reusable wedding decorations - large wooden monogram letter

by wild cherry wood shop

– – –

Share your favorite ideas for reusing wedding decor in the comments area below or let us know your favorite find above!

Happy Planning!


DIY Photo Letters + FREE Printables!

Good morning, lovelies: Happy Monday! We’re kicking off a new, oh-so-sweet week of handmade wedding inspiration and we’re starting with a DIY + FREE Printables. What could be better? I (Emma here!) love decor that does double-duty as wedding decor and home decor after the big day. Today’s artful DIY Photo Letters project fits the bill: it will personalize your wedding space and display nicely in your love nest afterward. Oh, and did I mention: this project costys less than $10! Read on to find out the full scoop…

diy photo letters

photo by shabby 2 chic

DIY Photo Letters

We spotted this skillfully designed DIY Photo Letters project at Shanty 2 Chic, designed by Whitney as a gift project. We think it is suitable for displaying your new name (or a smaller one with your initials and an ampersand) at your ceremony site or reception. After the wedding, take it home and display in your nest.

diy photo letters

photo by shabby 2 chic

diy photo letters

photo by shabby 2 chic

For this DIY, you’ll need 4×6 frames, spray paint, and a few other supplies totaling around $10. The photo letters – offered FREE via this website – can be printed from your computer and used for personal use. There are so many letter inspirations from which to choose! Check out the array of free printable letters here; then, create your DIY photo letter art
with a full tutorial here. I think a longer ‘Emmaline Bride’ sign might work well for the office; or, I’ll make a name plate for my home. Hmmm… either way, this is one DIY I can’t wait to craft.

Happy Planning!


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Fabric Wrapped Letters

Happy Weekend! We spotted these fabric wrapped letters by Forest Girl Design and think they are oh-so-sweet! Each whimsical letter is crafted by hand and is covered completely in beautiful patterned fabric. Use a monogram letter to display in your handmade wedding as décor – either at your ceremony or reception – and display in your home after the big day. Read on to see a few of our favorites…

fabric monogram letters

by forest girl design

fabric wrapped letters

by forest girl design

fabric monogram

by forest girl design

fabric monogram

by forest girl design

fabric monogram letters

by forest girl design

More coming up later this weekend. Enjoy the day!

Happy Planning!


Fabric Covered Love Letters

Love is in the air today! The Groundhog walked out and saw his shadow (6 more weeks of winter, folks) only to climb back into his bed and tag Cupid as “it”. To kick off the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, we’re sharing these adorable fabric covered love letters by the lovely people at Duryea Place Designs. These paper mache letters are covered in a beautiful vintage-style floral paper with the edges slightly distressed to achieve a sweet, shabby chic look. This particular pattern features pretty pinks, reds, blues, and greens, but can be customized to suit a specific pattern or color scheme you have in mind – just ask! Read on to see more…

fabric covered love letters

duryea place designs

We also adore this ampersand which is fabric covered as well:

fabric covered love letters

duryea place designs

The handmade craftsmanship is superb – take a look up close:

fabric covered love letters

duryea place designs

To see more handmade wedding decor ideas, check out Duryea Place Designs, featured artisan in The Marketplace!

Happy Planning!


Air Mail Wedding: 18 Handmade Ideas Sent with Love

Email allows anyone to connect instantly, but nothing can compare to the sweet sentiment of a handwritten note or heartfelt letter from a loved one. That’s why we love air mail wedding ideas from invitations to save the dates, favors, stationery, and everything in-between. There is something sweetly simple about a handwritten note or tag, particularly around the holidays. Today, we’re sharing 18 air mail wedding ideas you will love, beginning with an invitation by Jack and Jill Wedding which ties in the air mail idea beautifully, with a postcard reply for guests to send back with love. Enjoy!

air mail wedding invitation by Jack & Jill Wedding with tear-off postcard (brilliant!)

air mail stamp for your wedding correspondence by Extase

air mail bracelet by Mysc

air mail wedding invitation styled as a boarding pass by Serendipity Beyond Design

air mail clothespins by Another Donkey Design

air mail wedding stickers for envelopes by K is for Calligraphy

vintage-inspired air mail wedding invitation suite by Serendipity Beyond Design

beautiful handmade necklace with envelope and airplane charms by Marolsha

handmade air mail journal for keeping your wedding planning notes at hand by Chinese Calligraphy Art & Design

decorate bridesmaid tote bags with vintage air mail buttons by Retro Nana

handmade air mail stationery set by Cutie Pie Company

air mail wedding favors by Courtney Talbot

air mail styled headband by Modern Crush

air mail necklace with The Eiffel Tower, a postcard and envelope charm by According To She

air mail wedding favor notebooks (set of 8) by Mini Haus

love letter invitation suite by Two For Joy Paper Studio

air mail wedding invitation suite with map by Serendipity Beyond Design

And… we can’t forget about this beautiful DIY we featured awhile back by Lauren Elise Crafted:

Air Mail DIY exclusively designed for Emmaline Bride by the lovely Lauren Elise Crafted

Click here for the full DIY scoop to craft your own DIY save the dates!

Which one is your favorite?


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Bridesmaid Initial Necklaces, Rings, and More!

Good morning, lovelies! Let me (Emma here!) begin by saying I’m absolutely, positively smitten over initials. I love giving gifts with initials just as much as I love receiving gifts with initials on them. Let’s face it: initialed gifts are more fun to give and receive because they are more meaningful. Gifts like these are carefully selected, customized, and handmade specifically for the recipient. If you’re on the hunt for a perfect bridesmaid gift, you’ll love this round-up featuring bridesmaid initial necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more – all handmade, of course! We’ve also included a few initial decor pieces to tie into your wedding ceremony or reception (+ into your love nest after the I Do’s). We hope it inspires you to buy handmade + support these talented artisans + get crafty with a few DIYs of your own. There are a few really amazing links to DIY tutorials included below. Enjoy!

bridesmaid initial necklaces
bridesmaid initial necklaces

Number one in our round-up is by Evie-S.com and it is one of the most fabulous DIYs I have ever seen. This DIY yarn wrapped monogram looks so easy to make + is perfect decor for your wedding reception, parties, or for decorating your home. (Get the full how-to here.) I plan on making this over the weekend and I hope you will, too. Find number two is a double initial necklace with hearts by Jewelry by R.M. Smith. It’s perfect for the bride-to-be!

bridesmaid initial necklaces

Number three comes from SD Marie Jewelry, a cute little shop based in Minnesota. Sam, the designer and owner, states the following in her shop: “Everybody needs a necklace with their first initial on it. If you don’t have one, I can make it for you.” We love that! This skinny lowercase “e” necklace is on a silver chain and can be worn with any outfit. The bridesmaid initial necklaces spotted in number four are after my own heart. Brightly colored, embroidered, handmade? Love, love, and love. By Merriweather Council. It is sort of fitting that I spotted the next initial necklace in number five today because it has a heart stamped right onto it. I spied some really amazing eyeglass frames by Betsey Johnson today and my favorite part was the heart cut-outs on the side. So, find number five reminds me of the heart cut-out I so fell in love with earlier today – but this time it’s smack dab on the front of an adorable necklace! This sterling silver heart charm initial necklace is by L. Rose Designs and to say I’m smitten would be an understatement. Doesn’t the “L” sample make you think of Laverne + Shirley? Me too. Find number six is by Monkeys Always Look and I’m not sure anything could make it more of a perfect ring. It’s great for both men and women, has a rustic matte finish, and can have your monogram in lieu of the “&”. Want to know a secret? It ships for free! Free shipping is always in style. ♥

bridesmaid initial necklaces

I love the necklace in number seven because of its pretty scripted ‘two lovers’ design + the heart, which makes this one perfect bridal gift. Did I purposely seek out one that said EB for Emmaline Bride? Purely coincidental – promise! But, I do love that coincidence nonetheless. ;) By Lala Design Studio. Next up is a pair of stud earrings – one side is a heart and the other is an initial. I need a pair of these now! Spotted at Moncadeau. The next two items we spotted are perfect for bridesmaids to carry around their essentials. Number nine is a personalized envelope clutch with initialed letters and is handsewn by Harlex. Since it is in nude, it will go with any bridesmaid dress – and every outfit in her closet after the wedding day. Number ten is a mini clasp purse by EmenGeeDesigns and is called ‘hanging out to dry’. This adorable dress (bridesmaid dress, perhaps?) features an adorable embroidered letter and a tiny little flower. Every girl needs one of these. So stinkin’ cute. Number eleven is by Fashion Junkie 4 Life and reminds me of wax envelope seals. It is on a sterling silver chain and features a beautiful patina finish. Find number twelve? A initial bracelet with a bunny. Need I say more? A-dorable. By I Adorn U.

bridesmaid initial necklaces

Find number thirteen ties into the decor I mentioned earlier. I love a fantastic burlap monogram sign and it looks like this is being displayed on a front door. What I love about these monograms is you can use it to decorate your wedding and then enjoy it for years in your home. Even though I didn’t use one in my wedding, I plan to make one now for use in my home. It’s perfect for the season, too! By Embellished Living. If you’re a fan of antique typewriter keys, this initial letter pendant – number fourteen – is taken right from a vintage typewriter. Some of the tarnish has been left on the letter to add to its distressed, antique charm. By QA Create. Do your bridesmaids drink coffee and tea every morning? What could be better than a handmade (by you!) custom monogrammed mug? We love this DIY tutorial featured in find number fifteen via Design Mom. Easy-to-follow directions + an fun gift for your bridesmaids. (I’ll take mine in an E, please! Kidding. Sort of.) I love sixteen because it oozes of simplicity and everyday charm. I’d wear this pretty little ring on my finger daily… but seriously, who wouldn’t? By Punky Bunny Designs. Find number seventeen is another mini clasp clutch by EmenGee Designs but we couldn’t help it… bumble bees in a honeycomb? Yellow? With an embroidered initial? So much love for this little purse! If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your bridesmaid necklaces, number eighteen is for you. These bridesmaid initial necklaces with a domed design are hand-stamped, personalized, and can be customized with your bridesmaid’s birthstone. This is a great idea for further customization in a beautiful design by Something About Silver.

bridesmaid initial necklaces

Find number nineteen is pretty much the cutest, smallest initial necklace I have ever seen. The simple chain and tiny letter makes it easy to pull off the look with every outfit on a daily basis. By Bejeweled By Nikki. And, last but not least is find number twenty which is a huge, beautifully painted distressed wood monogram. This letter reminds me of antique signage and will look great on display at your wedding reception – and afterward on your back porch. Color customization is available, too, though I love the gulf blue teal it’s already sporting. By Slippin Southern.

There’s plenty more handmade wedding inspiration coming your way in a jif! To get posts right to your inbox, be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed!


P.S. Which # is your favorite?