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Personalized Bar Glasses? — Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski

Every week, we get a bunch of emails from you guys + we love ’em, so keep them coming! This week, one of our favorites was from Marla who wants to know where to buy personalized bar glasses for wedding guests to use. She’s looking specifically for something that is more durable than a typical plastic cup but looks nice enough for her outdoor reception. She writes,

“I am looking for personalized bar glasses for my wedding. We’re getting married this September (outside, a heated tent!) hopefully as long as we still can! We have to buy all the glasses and dining products ourselves so I’d like to get something custom for the bar area. What kind of wedding cups do you recommend that can be personalized? I’d like them to look like they are for a wedding, so as nice as possible and definitely plastic… since we’re outside and we don’t want to worry about broken glass. THANK YOU!”

Hi Marla! Great question and wow, I’m excited about your September wedding. Fingers crossed for you. Here’s a tip: if you’re worried about your wedding date getting postponed due to these crazy times, have the cups personalized with your names — but skip the wedding date. If it does get moved, you can still use the cups on your new date! I love that you have a heated tent, too — it sounds cozy! :)

For your bar, great point: you’re sourcing your own cups, so you might as well pick out something designed for your reception! I think personalized bar glasses or wedding cups are a fun touch and we definitely know where to buy wedding glasses that look, as you mentioned, “as nice as possible” for such a special occasion.

We did some digging and found these hard plastic bar glasses by Rubi + Lib that will look beautiful. They are a hard plastic sort of giving the illusion similar to clear glass (but it is definitely plastic, so no broken glass here!) I like the way they are personalized on the front; the font looks elegant and the color of ink is super-easy to read. These cups are available in the following sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 ounces. They are BPA Free (yay!) and made + printed in the USA (double yay, shop small!)

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Take a look!

Personalized Bar Glasses for Wedding

buy here

buy here

buy here

Another option is this frosted shatterproof plastic cup. Some couples prefer the frosted look, but it’s totally up to your own style preference. It is shown as a bridal shower cup in the example, but it can be personalized for your wedding instead.

buy here

Where to Buy Bar Glasses for Wedding

If you like the cups shown here, you can shop RubiandLib to get yours made! :)

Like ’em? We hope we helped to find the bar glasses you’ve been looking for; let us know how we did in the comments, or ask the shop for specific questions/orders.

Thanks to Marla for writing! Good luck with the rest of your wedding planning!

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