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Where to Shop for Wedding Sparklers

by Emma Arendoski

Are you planning an amazing grand exit and want to know where to buy sparklers? Sparklers are a funny thing: at one point in the summer, every store has them. And then poof, nowhere to be found. Regular sparklers aren’t the best to use for wedding grand exits anyway, as they’re too short and can cause serious burns. They also burn too quickly, so your photos won’t look as great.

But long-burning, long-length sparklers? We’ll show you where to buy wedding sparklers that are wedding-approved in today’s post! Read on for everything you need to know including where to shop wedding sparklers and how many sparklers each guest should hold. Enjoy!

If Andrew and I tied the knot right now, we would do a wedding sparkler exit. The photos turn out amazing and it is a fun way to cap the end of the celebration.

How to Light Sparklers

If you’re not familiar with a sparkler exit, here’s how it works!

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

– First, choose somewhere sheltered from the wind.

– Guests create a small aisle by lining up on either side.

– Then, hold the sparkler horizontally or with the tip slightly lowered.

– Next, light the first sparkler using a butane or propane lighter (this person becomes “Designated Lighter”).

– Have everyone line up with sparklers in hand. Sparklers will ignite each other almost instantly, so the Designated Lighter will be able to move quickly from person to person.

– Once all sparklers are lit, the bride and groom process down the “aisle” while everyone cheers and waves their sparklers.

– The wedding photographer captures amazing photos!

Sounds pretty fun, right? Here are a few things to know before you buy wedding sparklers.

Wedding Sparkler Tips

customized wine glasses

1. Make sure your wedding venue allows sparklers.

Did you know some venues prohibit them? Many of them still allow sparklers, as long as it’s a certain distance from the building and you extinguish them properly (place them in one of these filled with sand).

2. Give guests TWO sparklers to hold for maximum effect.

Most sparkler exits have one sparkler per person, but if you give each guest TWO sparklers it doubles the effect at night! Try it, you’ll be glad you did.


3. Make sure your DJ or emcee announces the wedding sparkler exit.

Don’t let guests miss out on the fun! If your DJ gives an announcement five minutes before everyone needs to assemble outside, you’ll be sure to include all of your guests in the cool grand exit photographs.

It is also helpful to have sparkler tags ready-to-go on sparklers, a sparkler pail, and a fun announcement sign (and what time the festivities will begin).

wedding sparkler pail

via here

wedding sparkler send off sign

sign by EvergreenDesignSigns

4. Only use long burning sparklers.

As I mentioned, short burning sparklers will extinguish on their own before all fifty-plus guests light theirs (and the photographer is ready and in place to snap the pics). You can buy wedding sparklers with a longer-burn time here. These have a whopping 180 second burn time (compared to a typical 30 to 60 second!) Buy here.

5. Never light sparklers with matches.

You are more likely to get burnt hands with a match to light a sparkler than a lighter.

6. Always have water and a fire extinguisher handy.

This is very important for fire safety. To extinguish sparklers, sparklers can go in a tub filled with sand or water. Never throw sparklers into a trash can until they are completely cool to the touch.

Wedding Sparklers for Sale

You can shop wedding sparklers directly from Events Wholesale. Here is where to buy wedding sparklers in the most popular sizes:

#20 Wedding Sparklers – Long burn time (90 seconds)
#36 Wedding Sparklers – Extra-long burn time! (180 seconds)
10 Gold Event Sparklers – Great for smaller send-offs (35 seconds)
Gold Heart Sparklers – Heart-shaped (60 seconds)

The heart-shaped sparklers are so unique!

via here

You can shop more sparklers and supplies for your big day here!

And there you have it: where to shop wedding sparklers and what kind to get. Have fun with your grand exit and share your thoughts/cool sparkler photos in the comments below! :)

Happy Planning!


This is a partnered post with Events Wholesale.

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