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Now You Can Wear Custom TOMS Shoes for Your Wedding

by Emma Arendoski

Do you want your feet to be ultra comfy on your wedding day?

My question is, who doesn’t? Foot pain is no fun, whether you’re busting a move on the dance floor or just trying to walk back from the bar with a drink without cringing from each painful step. ;)

Last weekend, I attended a wedding and wore a pair of heels I haven’t worn in a while. If you’ve read this post about shoe mistakes, you know I should follow my own advice and I wouldn’t have had any foot pain.

But I didn’t and therefore I couldn’t wait to change into my comfy flats.

You see, if you’re the bride or groom and you jump RIGHT INTO a pair of custom wedding TOMS before the I Do’s even begin, you’ll already be a step ahead (no pun intended).

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Your feet will be comfy, you can run to be on time, you can walk slow to savor time, you can sit and relax and not worry about your heels digging into grass or sand or slipping from not practicing in your 3 in. stilettos for a week before the big day.

Hand-painted TOMS shoes just sound like a lot more fun than all of that! On top of it all, they look pretty awesome.

custom wedding toms

If you know you already want to be comfortable and heels aren’t your thing, wait until you see these cool custom wedding TOMS shoes. They’re custom-made just for you and can look like anything you’d like them to. This example shows, “Just” and “Married” to spell it out when you guys stand together.

These custom TOMS are really fun for the honeymoon, too, and keep the wedding fun going.

custom wedding toms

custom wedding toms

Stay comfy, look rad, skip the heels thing and do it your way. That’s what it’s all about!

custom wedding toms

Where to Buy Wedding Toms

You can see more designs in their shop at BStreetShoes or website at BStreetShoes.com. Blake is awesome to work with! In addition to custom wedding TOMS, he also sells custom Vans, Converse, Nike, Adidas — anything you can imagine. I love the custom Chucks.

Happy Planning!

customized wine glasses


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