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Why You Need Printable Invitations That Can Be Edited

by Emma Arendoski
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If you’re looking for printable invitations that can be edited, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you are curious why they’re so helpful to have, or you’re wondering where to get printable wedding invitations, you’ll find everything you need to know right here. Subscribe now for the latest tips to your inbox.

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Hi, lovelies! Emma here and I’ve never been more excited to talk about printable invitation templates. I’m telling you, after the long 2020 year we’ve had dealing, ya know, a GLOBAL PANDEMIC, there are so many things that have become wildly popular after realizing how versatile they are. Printable invitations for wedding and pre-wedding festivities (like your bridal shower) are at the top of many couples’ lists for many reasons and we’ll tell you why.

But first, this post was inspired by a recent Ask Emmaline question from bride-to-be, Bridgett. She asks,

“Hi Emmaline! I’m planning my wedding AGAIN (thanks to Covid) and this time, I want to get printable invitations that can be edited by me, just in case the date gets changed again. Do you have any suggestions where I can find nice printable invitations templates online? Thank you!”

First of all, thanks so much for your question, Bridgett! Sorry to hear you had to change your date, but here’s to making the most of it and trying to prevent any additional stress in the future. Your question got us to thinking about this year and all the “new” wedding essentials we met, thanks to Covid.

The big essentials that happened this year were more obvious: yup, face masks, Yes, hand sanitizer favors. I see you, change the date cards. Of course, hand sanitizing stations and all the signage that goes along with it.

by foryourparty

But the unexpected NEW trend? Printable invitations that can be edited for weddings. YAY!

And it’s pretty genius if you ask me.

Printable Invitations That Can Be Edited for Weddings

Printable invitations that can be edited by you are pretty much the most brilliant stationery gem to come out of this whole COVID-19 thing. But it’s not the virus that got Sarah jumping into full gear on these invitations.

Instead, the printable wedding invitations templates Etsy artist Elmwood Paperie offers were brilliant wayyyyy before their time! Sarah, the shop owner and designer, was already rockin’ it with her elegant collection of printable invitations and coordinating printable wedding stationery ahead of the pandemic. She knew there had to be an easier way to make quick changes to something as important as your wedding: invites, save the dates, programs, rehearsal dinner invites, place cards, and, oh boy, a seating chart.

The last thing you want to be doing a week before your wedding is completely editing or ordering a brand new seating chart at the very last minute.

Thanks to printable invitation templates, wedding printable signs, and so much more, fate is in your hands! New guest as your friend’s plus one? No problemo! Last-minute cancellations and you need to reseat some guests? Sorry to hear that, but it’s no worry when you can edit and print it over again!

Even if you proofread your invitations a thousand times, many things can happen that are out of your control that will cause you to re-order and spend extra money unnecessarily.

Did your timeline get completely turned upside-down? Don’t worry about the bridal party downloading the new version on your wedding website: get a new one printed out right away thanks to this wedding template you can edit.

printable invitations you can edit

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Did you spell someone’s name majorly wrong on place cards and you want a redo? You’ve got it! Or maybe you even seated two people together that won’t exactly jive… ;) Make a last-minute switcheroo with a printable place card. It’s so easy!

printable wedding invitations you can edit

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And of course, did your wedding get postponed and you need to completely reprint your invites? With printable invitations that you can edit, you are in control. Sure, you need to print them again, but it is so much cheaper than having to buy everything ALL OVER AGAIN and have it printed and shipped to your door.

I’m serious here.

As a wedding planner who has seen it done before, printable invitations that you can edit yourself are a cost-effective option that many couples overlook — and now is the time to jump on board, especially with such uncertainty with COVID-19 and any other crazy thing to hit this planet in the next year. (This has been a year for the record books, am I right?)

Case-in-point: you need printable invitation templates, i.e. invitations that can be edited. Or if you already nailed down the invites, you should consider printable options for other things that may include your date or need-to-edit information, like attendees, your bridal party (sometimes people need to back out and that’s OK), location, date… hey, it happens.

So, if you’re a bride who wants to be in control of her printed fate — ha! — go ahead and get printable wedding invitations you can edit. And grab some coordinating accessories. The design files you purchase are such a low cost compared to how much you would spend printing and reprinting everything all over again, in the event you need to make any changes. And Sarah is there to help you along the way!

Read on to find out more about printable invitation templates along with frequently asked questions. We’re also showcasing some new styles for printable wedding invites by Elmwood Paperie, an expert in wedding templates — and customer service, to be honest. It is refreshing to meet someone so passionate about her work like Sarah is, ensuring her clients experience an easy, straightforward approach to editing and printing invitations for weddings and events.

Let’s get started!

Printable Wedding Invitation Templates Etsy

One of the biggest questions people ask about this modern printable idea is:

– are invitation templates digital files only?

Well, yes, and no.

Technically, you’re buying a digital file and then printing them yourself. So, the end goal is to print on actual paper and mail the invitations to your guests.

However, there are also digital templates available online, like these stylish digital save the dates. This style is perfect for winter weddings:

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Not planning a winter wedding? More of a spring vibe? There are so many designs to choose from — all digital! — available here.

Are Printable Wedding Invitations Free?

No: printable free wedding invitations are different than printable templates for invitations.

You can get free printable wedding invitations if you design them yourself in a program and have graphic skills, are able to design and edit yourself, and you are comfortable printing them yourself.

However, most couples don’t want to learn how to make graphics just to score free wedding invites. :) Or even those who are very skilled at the design may not want to spend the extra time creating their own wedding invitations, a motif, colors, etc.

Instead, printable wedding templates usually charge a small design fee to purchase the file from a professional. After purchasing the template, you may edit it however you wish and print as many invitations as you need.

To recap:

Printable free wedding invitations: You make them yourself.

Printable wedding templates: You pay for a design fee from a professional and easily edit the template to your needs.

What is the Difference Between Printable Invitations and Traditional Invites?

The invitations will look almost identical and guests won’t know you actually printed them yourself!

The only real difference is that you have to print the invitation template yourself (or send it to a print shop or online).

The biggest difference is the price. Depending on how much you spend on a digital file plus printing costs, you may end up spending significantly less than having someone print invitations for you and mail them to you directly.

In addition, the biggest cost savings will come when you don’t necessarily need to buy a lot of invitations. Many times, stationers offer hefty discounts for invitations in bulk orders. But if you’re having a smaller wedding, it will cost more to print the invitations in a smaller quantity.

That’s one of the reasons why couples are gravitating more toward printable wedding invitations and templates.

In addition, if you need anything last minute — i.e. an extra place card, menu, program, wedding invitation, response card, etc. — you already have the file in hand. Just head to your local print shop and you’re able to send it out quickly or have it on-hand at your wedding.

This is especially helpful if you forgot to order wedding invitations on time.

Where Do You Buy Printable Invitations for a Wedding?

You can buy them online simply by searching for wedding invitation templates. However, not all templates are created equally and many don’t offer you any help (like, at all).

That’s why we’re passionate about promoting the printable invitation templates for weddings and parties from Elmwood Paperie. They offer invitation templates for a wedding based on the theme, color, trends, and style.

In addition, you’re not left alone once you make your purchase. Sarah is there to guide you every step of the way if you need help editing the template, have questions about where to get invitations printed, how to do it all, etc. She’s so wonderful to work with!

In this post, we’re sharing designs from ElmwoodPaperie. They offer many invitation styles to suit your wedding theme, decor, color palette, and style.

What Else Can You Print Yourself for Your Wedding?

In addition to printable wedding invitations, couples are also adding extras to their orders to print everything at once. Not all wedding shops are the same, but this store offers everything you can imagine for your wedding, all in easy-to-use editable templates. Print your own invitations, RSVP cards, stylish envelope liners, ceremony programs, seating charts, printable wedding welcome signs, and so much more. There are even rehearsal dinner invites!

For instance, if you’re buying a wedding template, you’ll also need printable inserts for wedding invitations.

These are the inserts that let guests know what time cocktail hour is, recommended lodging, or directions, to name a few. And don’t forget printable wedding response cards — RSVPs are a must-have!

Where to Get Printable Wedding Invitation Templates That Look Amazing

If you’re interested in printable wedding templates you can print yourself, you’ll love this collection. Here are a few popular designs we’ve hand-picked to share with you today, including a winter wedding invitation template with gold and an elegant monogram crest.


This theme is perfect for winter weddings but can be used at any time of the year. I love the monogram crest style and the accompanying pieces. In this printable wedding invitation template, you receive all of the following which is an amazing deal:

– invitation
– detail card
– reply card
– reception card
– program
– envelope liner
– unlimited number of edits and downloads for 1 year
– customer support guide
– typography guide
– various print options

buy here

buy here

buy here

In this shop, you can get printable wedding templates in a 3-piece set or go big with a giant bundle, including all kinds of wedding stationery pieces you may need. The bundle option gives you a large discount, so it’s worth taking a look at! You can see the bundles here.

Here are a few other styles we know you’ll love!

Blue and Peach

This is one of my favorite styles! I love this color combination.

buy here

French Blue

buy here

Emerald Green

I love emerald green color palettes! This invitation is stunning.

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I especially love the printable place card templates in this style!

buy here

Tropical Green

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Bohemian Tropical

This suite is a great example of a printable wedding template that includes all the “extras” you need (you can add the extras with any invitation package). Here you’ll find the tropical boho suite along with an example of a printable seating chart and printable wedding welcome sign.

buy here

buy here

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buy here

Rustic Modern Invitations

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buy here

Simple Eucalyptus

buy here

Fine Art Template

Oh my word — these are stunning! Imagine how guests will ask you, how did you do your invites?! and you’ll tell them, “I printed them all myself!” With Sarah’s help, of course. ;)

buy here

buy here

buy here

Jewel Tone

buy here

buy here

There are many other styles to explore and details to find out in the shop. Tell Sarah we sent you!

Get Started Now!

Not sure where to begin? A stylish printable save the date card is always a great starting point.

buy here

Also, if you just need items individually — “a la carte”, as they say — you can buy anything you need to get printed for your wedding. For instance, table numbers, programs, place cards, gift table signage, etc. are all just a few things couples realize they need at the last minute — and can get here. Whew! There are many styles to coordinate with your colors, too. This is just one example:

buy here

And of course, thank you cards after the last dance…

buy here

Where to Get Printable Invitations for Weddings

Are you ready to jump in and pandemic-proof your wedding invites? Great! Just head to Elmwood Paperie to get started. I noticed many of the printable wedding invitations are on sale right now, too, which saves you even more money.

If YOU have a question for us, just Ask Emmaline! We’ll swoop in to help.

Happy Planning!


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